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Royal Spy Promotions and Lanterns

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Your Royal Spy rank, and the item that goes with it, will be available, upon request, until and including Thursday, February 4th, to spies who couldn’t be at the recent ceremony. These are for ranks earned by the end of December 2015 by attending at least three Tuesday events. You can receive these by asking for them after events this month or by emailing us to setup an appointment.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 31st, 2015


Elizabella and I would like to thank all the players of Great Lakes for making 2015 another amazing year!

Some highlights: You removed the threat of the dreaded Moonstones of Vice. Your work in recovering four important gems helped Hawkwind usher in the Time of Legends. Together, we celebrated 500 EM events and 250 missions for the Royal Spies.

We wish you a Happy New Year’s! Keep your swords sharp for 2016!


Royal Spy Promotions and Utility Belts

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Your Royal Spy rank, and the item that goes with it, will be available, upon request, until and including Tuesday, August 4th, to spies who couldn’t be at the recent ceremony. These are for ranks earned by the end of June 2015 by attending at least three Tuesday events. You can receive these by asking for them after events this month or by emailing us to setup an appointment.

We would also like to celebrate the first 250+ missions of the Royal Spies and thank all of those who have been part of the story for the last six years. Listed below are every spy training and mission up to #255.


Meet PEC Wraith! Monday, March 16th, at 7:30 p.m. CDT

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

Come chat with Player Event Coordinator Wraith! She’ll be at the Britain Counselor Hall on Monday, March 16th, at 7:30 p.m. CDT.

The Great Lakes page has been updated with the new locations of the PEC and EM mailboxes.

Great Lakes on Facebook

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

We now have a Facebook page, but will continue to be our primary site.

Honors List

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

The Honors List has been published. The list of Honors and Orders shows His Majesty’s recognition of the achievements and service of extraordinary citizens of Britannia.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

Bordermarch Brandy Delivery

Bordermarch Brandy Delivery

The Great Lakes Event Moderators would like to thank all the players of Great Lakes for making 2014 another amazing year! I would also like to congratulate my partner Elizabella on her fifth year anniversary.

A brief list of some of what happened this year: Spy Mission #200, meddling in gargoyle politics, the slaying of Balinor at Stonegate, Bordermarch, Foulwell’s bitter humor, our new Award Hall, Zox’s Museum of Fish, the Well of Souls, a haunted circus, criminal conspiracies, and the defeat of Flain the White Rose Killer. A very full twelve months!

Happy New Year’s and keep your swords sharp for 2015!



Grant of Arms

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

A Coat of Arms has been granted to Miss Sally Madeleine Sweet. The design of the Arms was approved by Lord Featherstonehaugh, Wyvern King of Arms and Senior Herald in Britannia.

The Grant of Arms has been made to Miss Sweet and her descendants in accordance with the laws of Arms. Like all applicants, Miss Sweet began the process by submitting a petition to Britannia’s Earl Marshal, Lord Hotchkiss. The Britannian College of Heraldry duly carried out research in their records and archives. Miss Sweet presented various engraved items from the ancient armigerous De Swete family, whose line was long thought to be extinct. There is no evidence to show that Miss Sweet is not descended from them. Lord Hotchkiss then issued a warrant to the Wyvern King of Arms recommending the granting of new Arms.

Sweet Coat of Arms

Arms: Gules a chief of the sea proper wheat garb Or.
Motto: Capere Aurum

The canting Arms form a rebus (“sea wheat”) for Sweet. The rebus is from the original De Swete Coat of Arms. The appearance of the sea is doubly appropriate for the armorial bearings of Miss Sweet, who describes herself as a sailing enthusiast.

Miss Sweet has chosen the tincture of the field herself. It is in honor of her late mentor. Miss Sweet also chose the motto, “Capere Aurum” (To Seize Gold). It is an aphorism of her own invention. It reflects her personal philosophy that one must strive to seize every opportunity the golden dawn of each new day brings.

Sweet Lozenge (spinster)

Miss Sweet’s armorial bearings are also displayed on a lozenge, as is traditional for a woman who is not the sovereign. The lozenge is surmounted by a true lover’s knot of blue ribbon, to indicate that she has never been married.

The artwork for the official record of the Grant of Arms was personally painted by Lady Clara Featherstonehaugh.

(Fiction) Artifacts of Darkness by Mordra

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Artifacts of Darkness by Mordra


I am not of Skara Brae. I was not born of this place. As a child, I came from a darker place. Many believe I came from Umbra, but I know I came from much further away: Morgaelin. Some power carelessly pulled a child through the Ethereal Void to leave me here.

It has been difficult being a stranger in this bright land, but I have some to thank for helping me find a place. I would most like to thank Horance who inspired me to write this catalog.



(Fiction) The End

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

From Flain’s Final Book:

The oldest rangers know when their time is near. When one spends his life observing nature, one learns to know how things live and die. One feels the moment when one goes from the hunter to mere carrion. I am a child of Skara Brae, and though they will no longer have me, I learned my lessons well. My end is near. I have a rose for each of the fallen, including me. It will end where it began.

I was much younger when I followed Blackthorn’s call to anarchy. My fellow Chaos Knights and I stood against the polite and diseased authority of false virtue. Those beliefs brought me to this place and to the fight where I killed those I once called kin. When the certainty of combat had passed and my hands were covered in blood, my path was forever set. I could never turn back.

We were made an example of. The forces of Order used their courts and prisons to punish us, ignoring their own complicity. Only because of a grieving father were we set free. It was better to disappear and wait. It was not our time, but our time would come.

So many believed it came with the False Blackthorn’s war against Britannia. I too fought with the dragoons for a time, wanting to hold on to false hope. Even then, I knew something was different, wrong. The man who had played chess with British to stalemate was using his forces like a crude hammer. I left before Exodus’s pawn was defeated.

When the true Blackthorn returned and was made king, I believed, like so many, that this was a new age. Instead we got a shadow of the man who inspired so many with his call to anarchy. He played diplomat and peacemaker and forgot about old friends. Now that he ruled the broken and corrupt system, he saw no reason to change it.

I made it my place to set him right, in part for his education, but also my own legacy. My allies are those also disillusioned by this diseased world. While not my original intention, I have found one from each city, one oppressed and harmed by false virtue:

Dryden saw his son’s life claimed by failed justice. Tactus’s ambition was held down by an apprenticeship that sacrificed a young man’s work for the sake of an old fool. Saduj’s humble origins meant no one would ever see his potential. Elistaria was driven mad by years of others’ lies about magic and distrust of her abilities. Thrud was a fighter whose bloodlust no military hierarchy could control. Foulwell grew up destitute because he didn’t fit into the polite farce of Compassion. Blyth was the son who shamed his paladin father by becoming a sailor and then a pirate. I am the fallen ranger from Skara Brae.

I have played a game of pawns and powers with Blackthorn and lost, but even in death, I will be right. He can pretend to be British with elections and councils, but one truth will remain: Rex regit, et populus sequitur. The king leads; the people follow. The Blackthorn of old would never have allowed me to test his authority for so long. There will come a time when this false patience will lead to his destruction. This will not end well. And you will remember I was right.


flain end 4