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Spy Training, Oracle Event Through July 10th

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

You may attend this spy training at 8 p.m. CDT on July 4th, or you may complete it at any time after that, until 11:59 p.m. CDT on July 10th. For this training, you will talk to people in Cove and the refugee camp. The refugee camp is at sextant coordinates: 44o 50’N, 83o 6’E (there will be a gate in the spy base).

Each oracle has a secret that you should try to uncover. Purchase a book from the provisioner, write down the secrets you’ve discovered, and turn it in at the mailbox. Figuring out three secrets will be treated as though you had attended one Tuesday event. Figuring out at least eight secrets will be treated as though you had attended two Tuesday events.

  • Our mailbox is at the Award Hall, accessible through the gate outside the Counselor Hall.
  • If you are using the Enhanced Client, please be sure to redleaf your book before turning it in.
  • If you would prefer to mail in your discoveries, please send them to one or both of us..
  • Questions about this training can be sent to EM Malachi.
  • UPDATE: There are 14 possible secrets.

Initiation Event

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

To the Royal Spies:

I would like each of you to join one of the three groups we have been investigating lately: the Kinship of the Rose, the Seers of the Moonstone, or the Library of Scars. Meet with the group of your choosing and go through their initiation rites.

Please the initiation item your recover and a book with your name in the mailbox. These initiations will be available until Friday, March 17th at 11:59 PM CST.


–Magnus Grey

Various Notes:

  • There is a gate to each group at the Royal Spy Base. The Royal Spy base is located under the West Britain Counselor Hall and entered by means of the secret passage behind the decorative armor. The gates are named and hued for each group: yellow (Kinship), red (Scars), and blue (Moonstone).
  • Each path has one or more initiation items (interesting items that drop from the combat in each path). They are gaman horns (Kinship), primitive fetish (Scars), and eggs/statues/carrots (Moonstone).
  • Because there is some issue with the monsters dropping enough items, if you attempt a path, but do not get the initiation item, please turn in a book explaining what happened. You will still receive credit as normal.
  • Please complete the book in the Classic client. Do not even open the book in the Enhanced client unless you’ve red-leafed it.
  • Alternatively, you can email us your answers at: or
  • Characters (Also called Oracles) generally always respond to their names. They will also usually respond to the final word of each line or any word in all CAPS. Some will also respond to special threads of conversation mentioned by other characters.
  • You will be able to join one group as a full member, but if you are interested in becoming a friend to the other groups, feel free to try all three group’s initiations.

(Fiction) Anthology

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Amoranth carefully finished painting a rose on the last page of the book. He had spent his free time in the last month illustrating “The Children’s Book of Virtues” for the free nursery the Kinship of the Rose was opening. Some might consider such use of his time frivolous, but Amoranth didn’t agree. There had to be art in Virtue, and there had to be love. Amoranth loved to paint, and it would make him happy to see the children of Paws laughing with the illustrated bard or rooting for the knight facing a dragon.

Placing the open book on the shelf to dry, he picked up the bowl with his half-eaten dinner. Amoranth slid the food bowl into a cage holding the order’s elderly silver serpent. Normally a lazy and placid creature, the snake lunged and knocked the bowl out of its cage.

Bending down, Amoranth started picking up the shards of the ceramic bowl. Cutting his hand on one, he sucked at the wound and looked back at the snake, “What a strange reaction…”


Syria watched the new recruits and nodded her approval. When she had taken over after the disappearance of De Snel, many had doubted the young warrior’s ability to lead, but she had continued to build the reputation and glory of the Library of Scars. Giving the order to go through the maneuver once more, she left the great hall and headed to her quarters.

As she stepped inside, someone pressed a knife to her neck. “You are looking well, Syria.”

She recognized the voice, and her body tensed. “You’re supposed to be dead.”

“Close enough, my dear.”

“So you came here to kill me? Stabbing someone in the back always was your way.”

“I’m not going to kill you. Not yet. Not until I’ve destroyed everything that you’ve built.”

With this last word, a club came down on the back of Syria’s head.


Dr. Owl was drawn to Fyrgen’s chamber by the screams. The room was dark and filled with the heady smell of the younger mage’s incense. On the small cot, Fyrgen was struggling against a knot of sheets. Dr. Owl moved to calm the prophetic mage, helping Fyrgen unbind himself and catch his breath. After a few minutes, Dr. Owl found the nerve to ask Fyrgen what he saw.

The young mage whispered, “Nemesis…”

Penumbra and the Nemesis (Update)

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

For those who were unable to complete the Nemesis quest while it was live on Great Lakes, we have posted a webpage with the stories and decisions to make. For those who wish to choose a Nemesis, please read through the page and record your choice in either a book or an email. We will continue to accept books for at least the next few weeks. More information can be found in the Original Post.

Penumbra and the Nemesis

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

To the Royal Spies:

Penumbra the Seeress would like to tell your fortune and help you know the identify of your Nemesis. Please visit her at the Lycaeum to speak with her.

Please place the information she shares with you in a book and leave it in the mailbox. Those who have their fortune told will earn honors. Penumbra is available to speak until Friday, February 24th at 11:59 PM CST.


–Magnus Grey

Various Notes:

  • There is a gate to the Lycaeum in the Royal Spy Base. The Royal Spy base is located under the West Britain Counselor Hall and entered by means of the secret passage behind the decorative armor.
  • The YES/NO questions should teleport you to another place. If they don’t work the first time, try moving around.
  • Please complete the book in the Classic client. Do not even open the book in the Enhanced client unless you’ve red-leafed it.
  • Alternatively, you can email us your answers at: or
  • Penumbra always responds to her name. She will also usually respond to the final word she says or any word in all CAPS.
  • If you do not like the first possible future you see, feel free to test another path.
  • There are some issues with the YES/NO teleporters. After testing, these spots should work:
    • Gear – On Gear
    • Vortex – Between Penumbra and Thariand
    • Snake – On Vile Elixir closest to Penumbra
    • Hangman – Next to Gallows
    • Spider – Next to Spider Mural
    • Skull – Behind Penumbra

An Odd Sighting

Monday, October 10th, 2016

A strange beggar has been spotted in North Britain.

(It might be worth investigating before Tuesday’s Spy Mission.)

Advancement Ceremony

Monday, July 18th, 2016


The shipment of caddellite has been delayed by bandits in the mountains. I’m investigating it, but the Advancement ceremony will need to be moved back a week.


The Royal Spy event codenamed “Pied Piper” has been moved up and will take place Tuesday, July 19th. Please meet at the Royal Spy headquarters.

The Advancement Ceremony has been changed to Tuesday, July 26th. Your Royal Spy rank, and the item that goes with it, will be available, upon request, until and including Wednesday, August 31st. These are for ranks earned by July 12, 2016 by attending at least three Tuesday events. You can receive these by asking for them after events in August or by emailing us to setup an appointment.

Royal Spy Promotions and Lanterns

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Your Royal Spy rank, and the item that goes with it, will be available, upon request, until and including Thursday, February 4th, to spies who couldn’t be at the recent ceremony. These are for ranks earned by the end of December 2015 by attending at least three Tuesday events. You can receive these by asking for them after events this month or by emailing us to setup an appointment.

500 and Counting!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

From Malachi and my first moments as Event Moderators, in December 2008 and December 2009 respectively, we were excited about crafting stories that would come alive with the help of the players of Great Lakes. This evening, we celebrated our 500th event with a noirish glimpse into the early lives of several renowned spies. On Saturday, a bit of wishcraft will begin the second half of the climb to a thousand events!


Here is a list of our first five hundred events:


(Fiction) Grey Origin

Monday, October 5th, 2015

The Salty Dog

Magnus Grey dropped a handful of coins on the bar and grabbed a couple of bottles of ale. The barkeep frowned, but didn’t make a move to stop the young man as he walked behind the counter and down the steps into the tavern’s cellar.

He was on a deep cover assignment, punishment for a politically inconvenient incident involving some new allies called the Meer. For almost a year, Grey had worked his way into the criminal syndicates of Britain, meeting their members and learning their methods.

Magnus took a rusted lantern and used the dim light to guide him to a room hidden behind the barrels and crates. After slipping inside, he carefully raised his hands as a crossbow was pressed against his neck. “I’m here for a hearty stew.”

James Green slowly lowered the crossbow, “Were you followed?”

“Everyone believes I slip off to meet a woman down here a few times a week. I actually get a few good winks maintaining that particular lie,” Magnus said as he brushed off a stool and took a seat. He offered a bottle of ale, which James declined. “I have the information you needed.”

James carefully took notes as Magnus explained that a ship named the Red Pearl would be docking in Britain in a few days, its hold filled with weapons and other contraband. The supplies were part of a Vesper crime family’s attempt to expand into Britain, and such a move would spill a lot of blood in the streets of his city.

“I agree we need to strangle this problem early, but the Royal Council won’t be happy with such things happening so close to where they live. I will make sure some trustworthy people intervene in this matter, but I don’t think that will help you get back in everyone’s good graces.”

“Britain’s my home, and I care more about that than squawking nobles. I’m not the sort for promotion anyway.”

James nodded, “You always were a bit too stubborn for political realities. Before I forget, I was asked to give you this.” He handed over a letter addressed to just “Magnus,” written in flawless feminine script.

Magnus skimmed the note before dropping it in a dark corner. “It’s nothing important. I need to meet some scum down by the River’s Gate Bridge. Hopefully, I can convince them to put themselves in harm’s way.”


Yew Prison

Someone hadn’t done their job.

Grey’s work rarely involved the Royal Guard. It was rarer still that anyone was taken into custody. No one who knew any of his other identities should have been in Yew. Grey had seen John Cullen at almost the same moment that Cullen had recognized him. The spy hoped that no one had heard the half-choked name Cullen uttered as Grey shoved him against a wall. He explained things to Cullen, and the erstwhile anarchist agreed to keep silent.

If someone had done their job, the name Magnus had used for a short time as an investigator for the Guard would have been forgotten. Now that name had gotten back to the wrong people. He saw it in the other prisoners’ body language, a eulogy of silence that followed him when he wasn’t in his cell.

After final roll call, Magnus silently picked the lock of his cell and crept down the corridor. When no guard gave a yell, he thought he was safe, but then he saw the shadow behind him. He twisted away, but the knife sliced into his side. The man with the blade was inept, and Magnus was able to turn the weapon against his attacker.

Holding his bleeding side and the shiv, Magnus stumbled down the corridor, keeping his back to the wall. Doors that should have been open were locked, and he quickly found himself with nowhere to go. That is where the others found him.


A Farmhouse in Yew

The farm was dark, but Holt Wilder knew that the man who had tried to kill his protege was inside. James wasn’t one to exaggerate, and he’d said Magnus had come very close to dying in Yew Prison. For anyone else, Holt wouldn’t have come this far, but he didn’t feel like burying another Grey.

The family that lived here were hostages, so Holt couldn’t simply burn his enemy out.