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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Welcome to EM Iatu and EM Malachi’s UO Great Lakes EM page! It is still under construction. Check back soon!

Poisonous Giants

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Tomas Savos called together some Volunteer Royal Guards to speak about a new threat in Britannia. When they gathered, he first spoke briefly about the death of Clainin, and of the desire to establish a Volunteer Royal Guard Headquarters. After that, he explained that the Royal Guard had been issued a challenge from a Mage claiming to have great power that was residing in Shame.

Tomas and the Volunteer Guards left to Shame, and searched for the Mage. He was found in the lowest level, surrounded by hundreds upon hundreds of giant scorpions, spiders, and serpents. The mage, later learned to be named Imperus Noxum, had set up a small encampment on one of the islands in the river of the lowest level. After a lengthy battle, the Guards vanquished the creatures the mage had summoned, and felled the mage as well. After he seemed to have died, however, the mage’s voice was heard from some nearby communication crystals, taunting the guards before fading off.

After a quick search of the mage’s camp, Tomas gathered the Guard back up, and returned to Britain. Tomas explained that he found the mage’s Journal. He read a few snippits, and said he would place the journal on display whenever a new headquarters for the Volunteer Royal Guard was established.

Tomas thanked those who assisted in the battle before requesting suggestions on where the new headquarters might be located. Those interested in offering suggestions followed Tomas through a bit of a tour through some of Britannia’s larger buildings. Most seemed happiest using an area in Serpent’s Hold, but other suggestions were also gathered. Tomas thanked people for their suggestions, and requested that people continue to think of more, explaining that he would accept a few more the next time he called for help, and furnish whatever location was chosen shortly after that.

A copy of Imperus Noxum’s journal is after the break…


Cloak & Dagger

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Nosfentor, Shadowlord of Cowardice, made a call to members of the Shadowlord Faction to meet with Melissa in a new gathering area. Melissa, with some assistance from Andrew, sent the Faction Members off to Trinsic to take care of Clainin.

Unfortunately, the Shadowlords met some resistance before even arriving at their new gathering area. True Britannian faction members attacked the the Shadowlords outside of the entrance, and made it difficult for them to meet with Melissa and Andrew.

After being sent to Trinsic, the Shadowlord Faction members had to fight off the Royal Guards protecting Clainin, as well as some forces from the Minax and True Britannian factions that arrived to thwart the Shadowlords efforts. Melissa, seemingly upset with the poor performance from her help, crept behind Clainin and killed him before the Faction Members could secure the area.

Before fleeing with Andrew, Melissa cast a spell… “In Vas Flam”, causing a large explosion, and forever destroying Clainin’s spirit so he can never be resurrected.

EM Meet & Greet

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

As people returned to Britain after witnessing the Crimson and Platinum Dragons making a scene in Yew, Malachi met with some of the crowd. Shortly after they started talking, Iatu joined in.

Iatu and Malachi talked with those gathered about the recent events, and asked for requests about future events.

Fire & Ice

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

After learning that the barriers that protect Trammel cities were starting to be restored, Casca took the opportunity to strike at the crystal believed to be used to help the Shadowlords and Crimson Dragons invade in the first place.

Casca called for volunteers to meet him by the Empath Abbey in Yew. When a group arrived, he took them to a moongate leading to a small dungeon filled with monsters. The volunteers went into the dungeon, and attacked the monsters. At the heart of the dungeon was the crystal that Casca had come to destroy. Once the monsters were all defeated, Casca stepped forward and started to break down the crystal. On the final cut, the Crystal shattered and spread shards throughout the room.

Casca asked for those gathered to come back out of the dungeon with him, so he could make a speech. Casca thanked those gathered for their assistance, and let them know they had helped give a lasting protection from the Crimson Dragon threat. Before he could finish his speech, a young Crimson Dragon charged at the crowd.

Casca fled while the Crimson Dragon taunted the crowd. After a few taunts, a man in the crowd warned everybody to get away. The Crimson Dragon seemed to recognize the man, and asked why he was there. After a few words were exchanged, the man transformed into an Elder Platinum Dragon. With a quick spell, the Platinum Dragon sent the young Crimson Dragon away, before departing from the area himself.

Tomas Savos rushed towards the crowd, just barely missing the Dragons. He climbed up onto the Winery to thank the crowd once more for Casca, and offer a gate back to Britain for those interested. Unfortunately, there was too much noise in the area, and many in the crowd did not hear Tomas. He has since requested that his apology be passed along to those who thought he was being silent.

EM Meet & Greet

Monday, March 16th, 2009

EM Iatu and EM Malachi met with players in the EM Hall to chat after Clainin’s Escort.

Clainin’s Escort to Safety

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Immediately after being notified that Clainin was attacked, Lord Casca ordered that Clainin be escorted to a Safe House. Casca asked for volunteers to assist Tomas Savos in escorting Clainin from the New Haven Healers to the New Haven Moongate. The escort was ambushed shortly after leaving the protection of the New Haven Guards, but Clainin was defended.

Clainin safely made it to the Safe House thanks to the assistance provided near New Haven.

Royal Guard Training

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

Tomas Savos gathered Royal Guard Volunteers to test their knowledge of Britannia, and offer suggestions on how to enhance their knowledge.