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Coded Message From Today’s Mission/Training

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Magnus looked over the messages again. He didn’t have the patience for codebreaking. He hoped one of his spies would figure it out.

Both books had the same first section:

Before A Pauper Are Clothes Tom Lives Prince Had Before Lessons And Lessons Coronation Pauper Lessons Interrupted Adventures Edward Lessons Adventures Was Pauper Had Prince Lives Before Lessons Are Lessons Had Prince Before Prince Lessons Lives Had Tom Adventures Lessons Interrupted Lives The Canty Adventures PRINCE Before Tom Prince Lives Seal Lessons Interrupted Adventures VI Adventures Lessons Interrupted Are With Prince Clothes Clothes Interrupted Had Pauper Before A Pauper Edward Lessons Clothes Clothes Lessons With Prince Lives VI Had Before Tom VI Prince Lives VI Tom Adventures Pauper Tom

The books differed in the last line of each:

The Pauper Had Are Prince Had Pauper


A Pauper The VI Pauper And Tom Found Pauper

Spy Training – Saturday May 30th at 12pm CST (1pm EST)

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Spy Training – Saturday May 30th at 12pm CST (1pm EST)

There will be a brief memorial for the fallen before the training exercise. All spies are welcome and may be needed. – Magnus Grey

(Also, these are the last few days to finish the codebreaking training with James. See information at the hall.)

West Britain Farm Incident – Investigation Update

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

**Update: Investigation on hold until Sunday at the earliest. Many old clues are still available for those who have missed them, but no new clues.**
Last night, Tomas gathered the Royal Guard. Before spreading his own news, he asked those gathered to pass along the evidence they had.
Martyna Z’muir told Tomas about two sets of notes found near the West Britain farms. One was a note written by an orc, that seemed to say the orcs were trying to find a potion to cure diseased food. The second was signed very similarly to the journal of Imperus Noxum, instructing another to locate some seeds. From these notes, it seemed as though the orcs were framed by Imperus Noxum, and not at fault for the green flecks found in the Britain Farms.

Tomas had more news, however. Some of his scouts tracked two groups of orcs, following them from the Orc Caves to Yew and Skara Brae farms. The orcs replaced some fresh turnips with diseased turnips, and then fled back to their caves. With all the known evidence, Tomas was uncertain how to proceed, and asked for feedback from those gathered. It was decided that the Volunteer Royal Guard would still attack the orc cave, but do so with care to avoid casualties on both sides – focusing on finding a source of the green flecks and removing any stored flecks from the orcs.

In the Orc Caves, the Volunteer Royal Guards destroyed a number of diseased corpsers, and even more orcs. Three journals were found, and a single bottle full of a green dust. The journals suggested that the orcs believed humans had come and poisoned their corpsers, and retaliated in kind against humans. After leaving, Tomas again evaluated the evidence in hand. He obtained the location of the instructions that Martyna had found, and brought the book to a royal scribe. The scribe told Tomas that the instructions appeared to have a similar, but much more shaky handwriting than the original journal of Imperus Noxum. Even though this cast some doubt on the true identity of the author, Tomas urged people to find Imperus Noxum. He did add that people should keep an open mind when searching, however, to help find any other leads they might be able to locate.

Before the night was through, an orc arrived at the Volunteer Royal Guard hall. The orc begged for peace, and Tomas promised that as long as no orcs attacked Britannia, no orders would come from Britannia to attack the orcs. After the orc left, Tomas spoke privately with Magnus for a short while. After they finished talking, Tomas and Magnus shared a little about a person known only as “Pauper”, suggesting that people search for this man as well as for Imperus, or whoever wrote the seed gathering instructions.

(Side note: If you could let us know if there are things you find really fun, or really not fun with the events directly related to the West Britain Farm Incident, that would be appreciated. We haven’t heard a whole lot of feedback about this one so far, and always want to hear what you all think.)
**Update: Investigation on hold until Sunday at the earliest. Many old clues are still available for those who have missed them, but no new clues.**

Royal Spy Training and Mission

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Royal Spy Mission – May 26th at 8pm CST at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall.

Royal Spy Training – All Week. Information also in a book at the Hall!

Codebreaker Training Information:

Visit James and say the word “cryptography” to him. He can be found at Castle British’s library. He will teach you about cryptography. After he has finished covering the basics, he will test you. Go over the answers with him as he is testing you. Also please keep your final answers in this book with your name. Thank you.

Sample Book:

West Britain Farm Incident – Investigation Update

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Orcs have set up camp near the West Britain farms!
Does this mean the orcs are behind the green flecks that seem to have poisoned the farmers’ animals, Megan, and now even a town crier?
That was the thought, but Tomas had doubts after seeing a journal and set of instructions that Martyna found at the orc camp. Tomas and Magnus both thought the text seemed a bit unusual for orcs to have written it. Tomas asked those gathered to keep looking, and try to find any clues to help find the real culprit behind the problems, learn why the orcs are there, and make sure no other farms are having problems.

Good luck on the search!

** Update **
Some farmers will give a few more details than before, and others will be notably more silent – if they say they don’t want to talk… they really won’t say very much at all.
Do not look too hard for any other NPCs right now – you should be able to find all of those fairly easily, it should be obvious they are involved after a short conversation, and the clues from any non-farmer NPCs right now are minimal (though it might be useful to know where they are for later, if only to get a little jump-start on others). There are a few non-NPC hidden clues to find that I haven’t noticed anyone mentioning yet – don’t be afraid to look for those.

Suspicious Events in the Britain Farms

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

After a large number of sudden, unexplained animal deaths by the Britain Farms, an investigation was called for. Tomas requested the assistance of some Volunteer Royal Guards.

Carina, one of the farmers, has been taken in for questioning about the deaths. The farmers have been notified about unusual green flecks that were noticed on their crops. Volunteers have been requested to continue investigating, as there is a lack of hard evidence against Carina.

For those who were around on Saturday, there is still more to learn (the oracles in the area have been updated, and there are additional clues that were not available). For those who were not around on Saturday… you should be able to learn enough through what is in-game to understand what is going on, though there may be a few holes in your stories (which may actually help you 😉 ).
For everybody… anything you learn, you should pass along to others to ensure this information makes it’s way back to Magnus or Tomas. I am checking the hint areas (hidden), and stopping by the Counselor’s hall (visible) from time to time, but I can’t be around 24/7, unfortunately. Additional clues will show up throughout the week.
Feel free to add details about what you find as comments here for others to see.

Yes, some of the oracles right now are not talking, and no that isn’t a clue. They’ll be turned back on shortly.
All oracles should be set now. See you tonight!

A tavern in Britain…

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Magnus read over the report and rubbed his eyes. He was missing something. Five weeks, and there was still no solution to this mystery. He tried to go through the pieces again:

Joseph Wainwright was a Royal Spy who had been trustworthy for years. He was put in charge of keeping an eye on Trinsic Felucca. Some person known only as “Pauper” had turned him or bribed him. Because of this, some group of killers had been able to attack and kill Clainin there while no one was watching…

Joseph knew too much and was on the run. The Royal Spies were after him. He was trapped in Wind. Pauper had sent forces to distract the Royal Spies, helping Joseph to escape, only to kill him shortly afterwards…

A meer dignitary murdered. The killer given the means by the same Pauper. This killer cannot be questioned as she forced the spies into a deadly encounter that resulted in her death. The only clue about Pauper is a child’s poem…

Magnus’s spy in Vesper, Albert, requests help, convinced someone is trying to kill him. An investigation shows Pauper’s influence in Vesper and Buc’s Den…

The orcs were building war machines, protected by blackrock. Their supplier of both materials and methods is the same criminal, a criminal who can secure safe transport of such materials across Britannia’s own roads…

A mysterious mine far to the south of Britain, Vesper, or the Orc Caves, filled with strange blackrock ore. Again, the cave has threads leading back to Pauper, and Pauper’s agents knew his spies were coming…

Magnus started plotting the spots on a map. The crimes were large and far apart. It would take enormous power and resources to do these things. Who had these sort of resources?

Magnus’s thoughts were interrupted by a messenger with a letter. It was from Tomas Savos. Magnus opened the letter.

“That’s not good.”

Get Ready…

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Those loyal to the Britannian Kingdom will be needed during the upcoming weekend, and the week following (of course… who are we to say those who dislike the Kingdom can’t try to sway things in their favor as well?). Even if you are not available at the specific times listed in the calendar, you’ll want to stop by the West Britain Counselor hall for details on how to help (you won’t find much until after the listed times, however).

You will be able to impact the upcoming events even without being around when crowds gather.

Don’t forget to look at the Calendar (*points to the right side of the page*) for specific times when you’ll be able to find Magnus and Tomas (they might be around at other times as well, and there may be things changing at other times, but if it’s on the Calendar, you will be able to find them in the Britain area).

Spy Mission May 19th

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Spy Mission May 19th at 8pm CST at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall. As always, keep your eyes open. – Magnus Grey

Royal Spy Training

Monday, May 11th, 2009

First Royal Spy Training Saturday May 16th at 2pm CST.