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More Sad News: Arson in Yew

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Another attack by these anarchists occurred in Yew today. Anyone with information on this group should contact a Royal Guard or Enforcer in your area. Only together can we stop these foul brigands! – Lord Casca

Event: Saturday August 1st 12:30pm CST

Friday, July 31st, 2009

The event will start at the West Britain Counselor’s Hall. Revert Shirts will be given out after the event.

Sad News.

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

It is my sad duty to inform the citizens of Britannian that one of our best has fallen. Enforcer Morton, loyal and valiant, was cut down last night in a sneak attack by the group of anarchists that have troubled our land in recent weeks. The dangerous criminals he was guarding are now free and are a threat to all of us. I ask brave citizens to hear my call and join the Royal Enforcers! Keep Britannia safe! – Lord Casca

Traitor Discovered, Anarchist Group Subverts Justice!

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

Last Evening, the vile mage Imperus Noxum intercepted a message from a diplomat that revealed the identity of a traitor in Britain. Imperus, however, left a clue to recovering the message, which the fine men of “Fat Kids Love Candy” assisted in deciphering. A special thanks to Charles, for gathering enough details so Enforcer Xavier could learn that Sam Oxley was a traitor to Britain.

Unfortunately, it seems news reached Traitor Oxley before Enforcer Xavier was able to arrest him. If Oxley is found, arrest him immediately and notify an Enforcer. The same holds true for Imperus Noxum, who was last known to have transformed himself into a Poison Elemental. The mage Imperus Noxum, and the Sam Oxley are wanted, dead or alive.

It is believed that the Anarchists were responsible for this subversion of Justice.

Help find the anarchists! Help save Britannia!

– Lord Casca

OOC Notes:
Unfortunately, a power outage during the event caused Malachi to be MIA for the end of the event, so we decided to consider it a draw. Sam Oxley would have died if Tess were available the entire time, but Xavier still learned the identity of the traitor first.

UPDATE:: I have removed the lanterns. The solution – “Lord Casca, I have learned of a traitor in Britain. His name is Sam Oxley.”

Expect Feluccan Events This Weekend

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We plan on heading to Felucca for our event on Saturday.
For those who forget (or don’t check here, or read the notice by the Hall), we’ll give a warning at the start of any event that goes into Felucca so that people have time to adjust their equipment, change characters, or just run off and do non-Feluccan stuff while the event is going on.

Anarchist Group Attacks Royal Enforcers!

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

It is my sad responsibility to report several incidents that affect all of us:

1. Castle Blackthorne was attacked by a group of anarchists. While the castle guard was able to repel the attack, the Bell of Courage was stolen by these villains and replaced with a counterfeit copy. We ask for all citizens with information related to the current location of the Bell to please contact the authorities. This symbol of our nation’s valor and bravery should not remain in the hands of these cowardly assassins.

2. This Saturday, the Royal Enforcers were on maneuvers at the newly constructed Royal Guard base. These training exercises turned deadly when the same group of anarchists ambushed our loyal patriots. Many fine Britannian men and women lost their lives during this cowardly attack. We will be holding a memorial for these heroes at a future date. Keep vigilant and help the Royal Enforcers learn the identities and location of these brigands!

3. There have been several attacks on our county’s roads and merchant routes by allies of these anarchists. We urge caution when traveling between cities.

Help find the anarchists! Help save Britannia!

-Lord Casca

Event Lineup

Saturday, July 18th, 2009

Look at the Calendar for a list of events! It’s looking to be a busy weekend.
Note: This doesn’t mean we’re going to be having a lot more events each week forever. There just happens to be some extra time currently for us to fit in a few more than usual.

Search for the Real Bell of Courage

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Gregor Corosi arrived at the West Britain Counselor Hall this evening with news that he believed could lead to the real Bell of Courage. Those who were gathered followed the clue to the Rock Dungeon, were they met a Gypsy by the name of Lupus Morgan. Lupus claimed to have details on getting to the Bell of Courage, and offered to help in exchange for help getting back his magical ring. After getting his ring back, Lupus guided the adventurers to the Spider Cave and the Blood Dungeon, in search of “Shadow Matriarch Silk” and “Bloodsoaked Blood Moss”. The group encountered quite a bit of resistance along the way, but managed to get the desired reagents.
After returning back to the Counselor Hall, Lupus said he would continue his assistance tomorrow, after he spoke to a few people to narrow down the starting point of the search.

Unfortunately for Lupus, he was attacked on his way back home with the reagents, and they were stolen. Thankfully, however, a second group of adventurers was available to help him get more.

Lupus met the adventurers on Saturday as promised. Those gathered traveled to four merchants, following the trail of an unmarked package. In the end, it was learned that the Bell of Truth was now in the dungeon Destard. Those gathered entered the dungeon, fighting many dragon and dragon kin, until they stumbled upon the box. Lupus cracked open the box, emptying the invisible Bell of Courage to the ground. Before he could cast a spell to reveal it, a golden hydra, and two shadow dragons attacked. During the battle, the Bell of Courage was knocked over the nearby stream, but Lupus was able to locate it with a spell.
After revealing the Bell of Courage, Lupus recalled away, storing it in a secure location. Lupus returned to Destard, and gathered the group together once more. He worked out a way of signaling the need for the Bell of Courage, so that Lupus or one of his close friends could bring it to those who needed it. The signal: An alert passed through any news carrier, and the lighting of a purple lantern somewhere in Britain. Lupus also said that he would attempt to keep an eye on events within Britannia, so that he might be able to show even before a signal is given should the need arise.

Get Ready for the Weekend

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

There will be at least two events this weekend.
Check the Calendar and the West Britain Counselor’s Hall for updates.

For the events that start near meal times, we will try to stop back at the Counselor Hall periodically to let any late arrivals join in.

Bell of Courage!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

By Royal Edict, the Bell of Courage has been removed from the secure location it was being kept at. It now rests on a balcony at Castle Blackthorne, ready to inspire and encourage Britannia’s armies in the coming days. – Lord Casca