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Winter Classic Awards

Monday, January 25th, 2010

We would like to announce that the awards for the Winter Classic 2010 tournaments can now be viewed in the Hall of Heroes at the Great Lakes Award Hall (31° 13’N 48° 15’W Malas, or via the permanent gate at the Counselors’ Hall).

Congratulations to:

Kali Ma, for Best PvM
Abdu Victoria, for Best PvP Mage
Saint of Killers, for Best PvP Warrior

Thank you to all the competitors and spectators who made these two tournaments so enjoyable.

More Info about the PvP Tournament, Today, 5 p.m. CST

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Please remember to join the EM Event chat for this event.

Please re-read the Tournament Rules before the event:

One change: rather than doing match-ups, I will read from the list of registered players. If Players A and B are both there, they will fight. If Player B is not there, s/he will be disqualified and Player A will fight Player C, etc.

If there is nobody to fight the last player, s/he gets a bye into the next round. Order for the second round will be determined by in-game dice roll. Once we’re down to three players in a division there will be no byes.

When your name is called, go down into the hallway by the teleporters. If you are blue,  flag gray by hitting the healer posted in the hallway. You will be pulled into the fighting pit on opposite sides. I will then return to the middle and say “Ready”, “SET”, “START!”. When you hear “START!”, you may immediately begin battle.

We will begin with the first round of mage fights, followed by the first round of warrior fights, followed by the second round of mage fights, and so on.

(names will be read in this order)

Ill Will
Tito Jackson
Abdu Victoria
daisuke aramaki
The Instagater
Mr Miagi
XaVieR KaNe

(names will be read in this order)

Saint of Killers
Polynikes of Yew
Strong Weed
Nonel Topd
A Soultrain
full english

Skull of Mondain – Update

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

The Skull of Mondain now resting in a secret location. Those who have touched pieces of the cursed skull will find that it knows their names. However, the future of the Skull and the safety of the world remain in question. The Skull will play a role again…

(There was some concern about certain mechanics and tactics during the last event. To address this, there will be other ways to gain the Skull’s favor in the future.)

Hercules, The Story Begins

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

From the Reporter’s Notebook page of today’s Britain Post:

Chatting With Hercules: We Should All Be So Lucky

first in a four-part series

As we all know, Hercules the Brave is to be knighted by Her Majesty Queen Dawn at a Royal Banquet this Sunday. Our congratulations to those who will have the privilege of meeting this illustrious warrior! With all of his adventures, he must be a brilliant conversationalist. He is also said to have a beautiful singing voice and be a superb musician, so perhaps he will favor the banquet guests with a song or two.

For those of you who may have missed one or two of his mighty deeds, here are some of the ways in which the future Sir Hercules has served Britannia:

First Labor: The Ilshenarian Ant-Lion. Hercules slew the fearsome Ilshenarian Ant-Lion which had long terrorized Ilshenar’s largest gypsy encampment. The gypsies are said to be very grateful to him and are now regularly seen at the Ilshenar Compassion Shrine, likely to say prayers of thanks to their rescuer.

Second Labor: The Stygian Hydra. Long did Hercules war against this multi-headed beast that haunted the Stygian Abyss. He would cut off one of its heads only to see it re-grow as he fought the next one! Finally, Hercules and his team of vassals realized that if he used poison to cauterize the neck stump the head could not grow back. He cut off the Stygian Hydra’s heads and splashed the stumps with poison, one by one, until only the immortal head remained. This he sliced off with one mighty thwack of his sword. Hercules then surely put the immortal head somewhere secret and safe, where it could never regenerate a body for itself.

Third Labor: The Golden Hart of Moonglow. The people of Delucia wished to breed beautiful golden harts, such as are sometimes seen in the woods around Moonglow.  After a long search, Hercules found that the Moonglow Royal Zoo had such a creature. He finally persuaded the zookeeper, Lady Artemis (see updates on her disappearance, page A-15), to lend him the glowing creature, which he then triumphantly brought to the grateful people of Delucia, where it remains still.

More Info. about the PvM Tournament, Today, 6 pm CST

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Register by speaking to Commander Keel at the newest section of the Skara Fairground (56°9′ S 36°4′ W), between 6 pm and 7 pm CST. There will be a gate inside the Brit. Counselor Hall.

The actual event begins at 7 pm. I will then call four players at a time into the large enclosure. Enter the large enclosure and stand outside a fighting pit. Do NOT enter your pit yet! I’ll spawn your monster and nail its feet to the ground. Your monster will remain in place throughout the match.

When I have placed all four monsters, I will return to the middle and say “READY”, “SET”, “START!”. You may then enter your fighting pit and immediately begin battle. If you enter your pit before start is called, I will try to drag you out before you interact with the monster. If I cannot in time or if it is your second false start, you will be disqualified.

The person who kills his/her monster fastest wins that heat. After the first round of heats, the winners, four at a time, will compete. And so on, until the winner of the final heat is declared winner of the PvM Winter Classic.

During the match, there will be healers posted equidistant from each pit. If you die, you may res and return to the fight. It’s fastest time to kill the monster that counts, not whether you die a few times on the way. You are, however, responsible for looting your own corpse.

No pets
No mounts
No summons via talisman
No pre-casting
There must be a monster corpse (AKA no charm-and-release)

At the Award Hall, inscribed on an item appropriate to the winner’s character:
Winter Classic 2010, [Player X], Best PvM

The Fate of the Skull

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Those who care about the fate of the Skull of Mondain should come to the Britain Counselor’s Hall this Tuesday at 8pm CST.

-Those who wish to work with Britannia and the Royal Spies will meet in the Counselor’s Hall as usual.

-Those who wish to aid the Cult of Styx will use the gate provided in front of the Hall.

-Those who have their own opinions on the matter should listen to what one of the sides has to say and do something else anyway.

While no one person will hold the skull in the end, those who show particular strength and smarts will help determine where the skull finally rests.

Banquet Invitation, Jan. 17, at 4 pm CST

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

You receive an engraved invitation. Your name has been written on the blank line in beautiful lady-in-waiting calligraphy. The invitation reads:


The Lord Chamberlain is Commanded by The Queen to invite
to a Banquet at Castle British
Sunday, 17th January 2010
at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Central Standard Time

Dress: Formal


You recall hearing that Hercules is to be knighted. A reporter has been asking around about him, so you think you may be able to find an article about him in the next few days, somewhere or other.

There’s also a new Commander of the Royal Guard you’d like to meet. Where did you read about her? Oh yes…

With such diversity of folk in Britannia these days, mingling and listening to the adventures of others could also be quite interesting. You decide you shall go to the banquet, and rush to make ready your finery.

PvP Tournament, Jan. 23, pre-reg. required

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Announcing the first annual Winter Classic Tournament, player versus player. You may participate in both the PvM and PvP tournaments.

For the PvP tournament, you must register by January 22nd at midnight CST. Register by emailing me at or posting a response under this announcement, or dropping a book off at the EM mailbox (9°9′ N 11°44E Trammel) near the Counselors’ Hall. Your message must contain the name of the character who will be fighting as well as whether s/he will fight as a mage or a warrior.

Only one character per account may sign-up for this tournament. If you bring a second character, s/he will be disqualified. If your character has 90 or higher in magery, you must sign up for the mage ladder.

The tournament will take place place beginning at 5 p.m. CST, January 23rd. A list of first-round match-ups will be published the day of the event. Your character must be there when your round is called, or you will lose by default.

Gates will be available from these locations in Felucca:
a few steps southeast of the Britain moongate, 33°2′ S 1°7′ E
a few steps southeast of the Minoc moongate, 81°40’N 97°6E
a few steps southeast of the Buc’s Den moongate, 53°47′ S 97°44′ E

If a duel lasts longer than 10 minutes, it will become a sudden death match. You will know that your match has gone into sudden death because an EM will appear on the field and announce it. No healing is allowed after that point. There will be a reasonable, short grace period for already-applied bandages to resolve.

No pets
No mounts
No summons
No summons via talisman
No hiding
No stealthing
No smoke bombs
No wraith form
No pre-casting

During the entire fight, Mages must carry a spellbook and a spell-channeling shield or item.
No potions

No animal form that allows faster movement
No explosion potions
No supernova potions
No greater stamina potions

At the Award Hall, inscribed on a spellbook:
Winter Classic 2010, [Player Y], Best PvP Mage

At the Award Hall, inscribed on a weapon:
Winter Classic 2010, [Player Z], Best PvP Warrior

Edit History: Jan. 23, a minor change as to which of my characters will be officiating.

PvM Tournament, Jan. 16, at 6 pm CST

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Announcing the first annual Winter Classic Tournament, player versus monster. You may participate in both the PvM and PvP tournaments.

For the PvM tournament, register on the day of the event at Skara fields (56°9′ S 36°4W), Trammel, between 6-7 p.m. CST with the character who will be fighting. The actual event will begin at 7 p.m. CST. There will be a gate inside the Brit. Counselor Hall.
Only one character per account may sign-up for this tournament. If you bring a second character, s/he will not be allowed to sign up.

No pets
No mounts
No summons via talisman
No pre-casting

At the Award Hall, inscribed on an item appropriate to the winner’s character:
Winter Classic 2010, [Player X], Best PvM