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Demon Code

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

DEM pvnbpynfa ONL wponajnnk AWF pwfjpylcq IRS jtfbqpnkb TBC cjpwpwfjp GHJ ycbnonajn KPQ nkpwfjpyt UVX fbqpnkvnk YZD pknmcboda EMO nonknjp

Spy Training April 20th

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

For this training, you will talk to several “witnesses” and help solve the mysteries or puzzles they present to you. At the end of each story, they will tell you the next location and person you need to talk to as well as a word. James at Castle Blackthorn is the first. The word for him is “story.” There are a total of three people you will talk to tonight, each telling about a different crime. You are to prepare a book with your name and the following information for each case:

Person telling story:
Who did it:
Your explanation:
Other Notes:

Update: Other people to talk to: Sam Oxley at West Britain Bank, keyword “clerk.” Also, Elite Royal Guard at Castle British, keyword “arsons.”

Die in Khaldun, Friday, April 16th, at 8 p.m. CDT

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

You can get to Khaldun on your own (and even arrive early) if you like, but there will also be gates from these locations in Felucca:

A few steps southeast of the Britain moongate
A few steps southeast of the Minoc moongate
A few steps southeast of the Buc’s Den moongate
A few steps east of the Chaos Shrine

The first pair of gates will be cast first, the second pair about a minute later. They will remain open throughout the event. I have placed four lanterns in Khaldun to show you where the gates will go Plan your strategies accordingly. You will know the event is over when the lanterns disappear.

You hear the workers of Khaldun in your nightmares:

We call to you from the Tomb of Khal Ankur. We who sweated and toiled for the glory of the expedition leaders. We who are forgotten.

We challenge you! Our spirits grow strong in bitterness and rage as we gather for battle. Can you outwit us? Can you outwit those who trapped us here? Some of you may escape this hell, but we will force even those to carry our memories with them.

For centuries we’ve mouldered, enduring the fanatical rantings of the zealots and the bluster of the expedition leaders. We crave the company of new spirits to entertain us with stories of their lives and adventures. Come die with us…

Codebook Cipher Guide

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010


Codes for Tonight

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

1 – h6j5wyhdc334?z5we4ehyz


3 – Nightshade-mandrake-dust-garlic-ginseng-silk-dust Batwing-garlic-silk-moss-pearl-ginseng-silk-mandrake-dust Crystal-garlic-dust Ash-garlic-moss-ginseng-garlic-silk-nightshade


5 – uzenvefchatvagy&oy

6 – ocikehqtdncpmtwpgu

7 – Adventures Lessons VI Interrupted Pauper Before Lessons Lessons Clothes

8 – 5nsm3th2d m2t1l

9 – Adventures Pauper Tom The Prince Lives VI Lives Lessons With

10 – hktguvggfigou

11 – Had A Lessons Before Edward Adventures Lessons And Canty Lessons With



Felucca Squirrel

Monday, April 5th, 2010

The Felucca Squirrel is at 27° 35’S 22° 13’W. He is giving out different color baskets from the Trammel Squirrel. A character can get baskets from both squirrels. The Squirrels will both be up for several days.

Mr. Squirrel is now seeing visitors!

Monday, April 5th, 2010

If you were doing the Easter Quest, you can get to Mr. Squirrel now 🙂

Easter Carrots! Sunday, April 4th, various times

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

We’ll be hiding Easter carrots in certain spots at set times tomorrow.

3 p.m. CDT – Trammel, gates will open at the Counselors’ Hall.
6 p.m. CDT – Felucca, gates will open at Felucca Brit. and Buc’s Den moongates.
8 p.m. CDT – Trammel, gates will open at the Counselors’ Hall.

We’ll also be running through various towns at random points during the day.

Please remember that carrots cannot be insured.

Squirrel Search Date Changed to Monday, Felucca Squirrel Added

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

The Squirrel Search will now be on Monday. You may begin at the Counselors’ Hall on Monday, April 5th, at any time between noon and midnight CDT.

There is also a Felucca squirrel, which will have the same goodies as the Trammel squirrel on the same date and time range. It will be a lot easier to find.

Time versus reward for one, risk versus reward for the other.