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Colors, Colors, Colors! Thursday, July 1st, 8 P.M. CDT (through July 4th)

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Beginning at 8 p.m. CDT, Thursday, July 1st, go to the Colored Canvas in Vesper. There’s someone there who’s out of place. Maybe you can help him with his colorful mid-life crisis?

This quest can be done at any time from its start until the end of the weekend

Meet with Queen Dawn, Thursday, July 1st, 7 p.m. CDT

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Queen Dawn requests that all interested citizens meet with her in her throne room at 7 p.m. CDT on Thursday, July 1st.

Beach Party, Saturday, June 26th, at 3 p.m. CDT

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

The weather is beautiful. Let’s go to the beach! We can fish and have a barbecue! We’ll ignore all those reports of monsters slithering out of the water and eating sunbathers.

Wear your cutest beach outfit*!

*In which you still have some hope of not taking a “sandnap”.

For the weigh-in, please bring your largest fish, caught during or prior to this event (it must not be mounted), to the weigh-in. If it does not win, you may have it back.

If you’re a chef, please bring a cooking tool.

There will be a gate from the Counselors’ Hall.

Festival of Masks Fiction 4

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Nayefa Jaskinor endured the Festival of Masks in alert silence. When it was over, she returned to her room. She found a square pine box on her dressing table. With trembling hands, she opened it and once again saw her son’s face.

softly down the stairs ~ trembling ~ past the reflecting pool ~ climb through small window ~ terrified ~ shipwright’s shop? ~ run to dock ~ suspiciously unattended small ship – heart pounding ~ no matter, SAIL – safe!

  • Rasesar Wej has won The Game of the Festival of Masks.
  • Nayefa Jaskinor returned to her husband and daughter with a square pine box. The family has gone into hiding again.
  • At 12:01 a.m. on June 20th, the sultan of Nujel’m was beheaded by the island’s guillotine.
  • The new sultan has declared the death a suicide. He also reminds the inquisitive that Nujel’m is a sovereign island. A sovereign island with a working guillotine.
  • The Eye of Dahsk is no longer on display in the throne room. Some say it has gone missing again.

Now we take off our masks, wrap our dolls in finest silk, and put them in the cedar chest for a time. A year, twelve years? The Game endures.

Festival of Masks Fiction 3

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Nayefa woke up in a soft bed in a large marble bedroom. She lay still for a few moments, listening.

The door opened and a servant put a tea tray on the dressing table. “Good morning, Lady Jaskinor.” The servant stared at her with open curiosity before leaving.

A servant led Nayefa downstairs. The royal court reclined on pillows by the reflecting pool. A woman with a necklace of stars and moons glided forward and grasped Nayefa’s arm a good bit more tightly than onlookers could see.

The astrologer steered her towards the central pillow as a warmly smiling man in robes of silken samite stood up.

The sultan clasped Nayefa’s hands and said, “dear lady, I have granted a full and free pardon to Aleyh Jaskinor and any of his descendants who were involved in the… unfortunate incident. Come, be my guest for the Festival of Masks as The Game takes place once more.”

The astrologer said, sotto voce, “though of course Lady Jaskinor shall not take part in The Game.”

“Ah no,” the sultan’s smile dimmed but he quickly added, “she shall sit with me and enjoy the music.”

Nayefa smiled gently, folded her hands in her lap, bowed her head, and was silent.

The music was beautiful. The whispers of the courtiers behind her were also interesting. Nayefa refrained from glancing at the astrologer. She did not even let her hands clench.

Nayefa returned to her bedroom where servants helped her dress in a beautiful gown and offered her a choice of masks. She looked from the deer and bear masks, which would muffle her ears, to the tribal masks, which would narrow her vision, to the handheld mask costumes that would impede her movements. She thought of the astrologer and declined all of the masks.

Festival of Masks Fiction 2

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Nayefa had cautiously avoided taking the first two ships that departed for Nujel’m, but the delay set her back. Dusk had fallen on the evening of the 18th when she stepped onto Nujel’m dock.

Nayefa tried to find the palace but got lost. The streets were empty and dark. She eventually found herself in front of the dock again.

A hand covered Nayefa’s mouth. The thief ripped the ruby from the hidden pocket in the hem of her dress.  He gently pushed her away and ran down the street, the gem triumphantly held up in one hand like a trophy. He turned the corner and she heard a scream.

Nayefa walked hesitantly around the corner. In front of a darkened tavern, she saw the headless body of the thief. She looked in vain for the ruby.

Nayefa went a few steps closer to the tavern, trying to see by the light of the street lamps. She heard a footstep behind her. That’s when she saw the head, its features contorted in its death scream. It was her son, Omar. She fainted, falling backwards into a pair of waiting arms.

Festival of Masks Fiction

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

A large ruby glowed on the inn table. The four Jaskinors stared at it.

“On the last day of her life, my mother entrusted me with the Eye of Dahsk,” said Sufri Jaskinor. “I shall be the one to present it to the sultan.”

“Songs on the subject agree,” his daughter Layla replied as she quietly strummed her harp, “that a wicked vizier and a beautiful concubine stole it when they ran away together.”

“No!” Sufri exclaimed. “Our ancestor hid the Eye at the request of his sultan, who feared assassination.”

“Who cares?” Omar ran a finger along an edge of the gem and whistled. “Let’s sell it.”

“No matter why we have it,” Layla said, smacking her brother’s hand away from the stone, “it must be returned. It is my responsibility, as the eldest, to undertake this journey.”

Omar made a rude noise. “We need the money!”

The three argued long into the night

At daybreak, Nayefa Jaskinor slipped out of the Wayfarer’s Inn with the gem and headed towards the docks.

(Felucca) Festival of Masks, Saturday, June 19th, 8:30 p.m. CDT

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

In many worlds, the Eye of Dahsk went missing 144 Britannian years ago. In some realities it was recovered. In others it was not. On the shard of the greatest lake, it remained hidden. The Jaskinor family passed the gem down from father to daughter, mother to son, for seven generations. Always, it brought its curse. Disaster in deep red. Fire, debt, murder, and worse.

“The Eye of Dahsk will return to you this year, your majesty” the astrologer said, “during the Festival of Masks.”

“Then I shall order the Festival to be held on the traditional date.”

“No, your majesty. One who holds the Eye on that day will die. Might I suggest the 19th?”

“So if I host the festival on the 19th I won’t die that day?”

“I didn’t say that.”

The Sultan of Nujel’m invites all to his island for the Festival of Masks on Saturday, June 19th at 8:30 p.m. CDT. This will be a lighthearted street party with food, drinks, and shameless thievery. Please wear a mask and pretend not to recognize anyone else who is wearing a mask.

“The Game” will be played. The goal is to figure out who has the Eye of Dahsk, steal it, and return it to a grateful sultan.

To steal the Eye of Dahsk, your character must be a member of the Thieves’ Guild. To join you need 60+ stealing. Also, the character must be at least 48 hours (in-game time) old. Find a thief guildmaster and say his/her name and ‘join’ (e.g. “Mary join”). Cove and Moonglow, on either facet, are good places to look for a thief guildmaster, because they’re relatively small.

You can recall or sail to Nujel’m. Also, gates will be available from a few steps southwest of the Felucca Brit. and Minoc moongates. These moongates will go directly into Nujel’m, a guard zone.

Reward – The name of the first to return the Eye of Dahsk to the sultan will be displayed on a suitable plaque at the Award Hall.

Thanks to EM Autolycus for researching and reviving this wonderful Sosarian tradition.

Spy Rank Sashes

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

If you have not received your spy rank sash, there will be another ceremony on Saturday, June 12th at 4pm CDT. There is also a training you can still take part in. Just read the book at the hall. – Magnus

(Felucca) Capture the Fort, Saturday June 12th, 8 p.m. CDT

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Sufri Jaskinor has not known a moment’s peace since he inherited the treasure. He, his wife, and what remains of their household are now fleeing for their lives. Forced off the road by brigands, they huddle in an old fort and hope to live through the night. Their few remaining bodyguards pace the perimeter. The youngest guard is sent to seek help. The trusting youth begs assistance from all he meets. Many set off for the fort, some with compassion in their hearts, some with greed and cruelty twisting their souls.

If the fort defenders can keep at least one member of the Jaskinor group alive for a set period of time, they win. If the attackers manage to kill all the npcs, they win.

There will be few, if any monsters. There will be one healer in the fort, for as long as she lives. Gates to both the attacker and defender locations will appear near the Brit and Buc’s moongates.

Updates and changes:

I’m dropping the registration requirement and thus also dropping the Award Hall recognition.

On Saturday, the gates will go up at 8 p.m. CDT. The event will end at 8:30 p.m. CDT or when the entire Jaskinor group dies, whichever comes first.