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Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 31st, 2016


“Minister Grey?”

Magnus looked up from his desk, past the stacks of papers, at Sarah Paumera. He noticed that she was bundled up for the snowy Britain streets. “What can I help you with?”

“James and I were going to meet a few other civil servants at the Cat’s Lair for drinks to celebrate the new year, if you’re interested.”

“I need to review a few reports and file these commendations. I want to finish this year’s paperwork before I start the next one.”

“I understand. Happy New Year, Magnus.”

“Happy New Year, Sarah.” Magnus looked back to his paperwork as the other spy left. He noticed the candle on his desk was burning low, so he lit a fresh candle from the dying wick.

“Got to keep the light going.”


Elizabella and I would like to thank all the players of Great Lakes for making 2016 another wonderful year!

The theme this year was making decisions and living with the consequences. You saved Balema from AtoGau the Worldeater, you brokered a treaty with Nujel’m, and you nailed Unthar the First Lich back into his coffin.

In 2017, I will begin my ninth year of EMing and Elizabella her eighth. More importantly, Ultima Online will have its 20th anniversary! It is an amazing milestone for an MMO. Let’s celebrate our beloved game in the coming year. Keep an eye on this page and the UO Herald for news and events.

We wish all of you a Happy New Year’s! Keep your swords sharp for 2017!