Puzzle: The Geography of Sosaria, A History

By Gideon of Moonglow

We once believed the stone maps, relics of some ancient people, were wrong. The distances and shapes and positions did not match the world we had measured, and in our arrogance, we did not consider the movement of time. We were the ones who were wrong. The world changes, and even the most sturdy mountain is drifting on a sea of molten lava. We once believed this was all too slow to bother our work. Of course our maps would be good for ten thousand years! Then the Shattering happened, and the world changed again, powerful sorcery tore apart coasts and smashed mountains together.

When a map is drawn, it traps a moment in time. The world moves on from that moment. Cities fall, islands sink, mountains rise. Take nothing for granted.

Here are several maps I have copied from other sources that show some of the profound changes to our geography. I have also provided a key with the symbols and notations I could decipher.

Map Key

Map #1 – 700,000 Years Ago

Map #2 – The Age of Darkness

Map #3 – A Year After the Shattering

Map #4 – Five Years After the Shattering

Map #5 – Present Day

1. The Followers of Armageddon are planning something major based on the first ancient map.

2. There are four secrets on the first map.

3. The locations on the ancient map correspond to locations in the present day, but things on the map may have moved.

4. It is your task to decipher the maps and determine the four locations the FoA will hit.

5. E-mail the four locations to malachi@uoem.net.

6. This weekend the Royal Guard will use this information to stop the FoA.


1. The FoA are often associated with Wisps.

2. The key does not contain all map symbols.

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