Killer Queens, Saturday, May 21st, 4 p.m. CDT

A bee buzzes around your face and drops a teeny tiny note on your nose. You find your spyglass and manage to read the note:

Pleazzze come to my bee yard, The Buzzzy Beezzz, in Vezzzper, on Zaturday at 4. –Beejorn the Apiarist

You think for a moment and then remember that there is a beekeeper in Vesper. You decide to go and hope he’ll serve snacks. You fall asleep wondering why that last ‘s’ wasn’t zzzzzz

3 Responses to “Killer Queens, Saturday, May 21st, 4 p.m. CDT”

  1. Jo Buzz says:

    Buzz buzz buzz 🙂

  2. killroth says:

    Thanks for the fun event my belly is full of bees wax now:)

  3. Elizabella says:

    Glad you liked it 🙂 When it became possible to use edible walls I just had to make beehives.