The 8 Moonstones

Moonstone of Hythloth
Villain: Horance the Lich
Vice Shrine: The Well of Souls

Well of Souls

Moonstone of Covetous
Villain: Samhayne
Vice Shrine: Buccaneer’s Cave

Buccaneer’s Cave


Moonstone of Shame
Villain: The Shame Knight
Vice Shrine: Greyhaven Lighthouse

Greyhaven Lighthouse


Moonstone of Deceit
Villain: Erethian and Vilus
Vice Shrine: Tetrahedron Generator

Tetrahedron Generator


Moonstone of Destard
Villain: Dracothraxus
Vice Shrine: Castle of Fire

Castle of Fire


Moonstone of Wrong
Villain: Calithiss
Vice Shrine: Grave of the Lost Soul

Grave of the Lost Soul


Moonstone of Pride
Villain: Anmanivas
Vice Shrine: Ambrosia



Moonstone of Despise
Villain: The Dark Monks
Vice Shrine: Death Gulch

Death Gulch

EM Malachi would like to thank Damia Terra for the Castle of Fire picture.

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