Circle of Singularity, From Now Through December 31st

The Circle of Singularity is the last event until January 5th. Magnus Grey and Sarah Paumera wish you a wonderful holiday season. Please join them on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 for the Royal Spy promotion ceremony.

If you would like to discover which Gargoyle Virtue you value most, go to Ter Mur’s Royal City at 148° 53’S, 36° 12’W and speak to Princess Rhista. The crystal ball there will give you a book.

Walk a circle inside the Royal City, speaking to the gargoyles named in the book along the way. You can catch their attention by saying their names. Repeat the last word of each sentence to see if they have anything more to tell you. Each gargoyle will ask you a question that has two possible, equally correct, answers. The keywords of the answers will appear in parentheses. Write the keyword of the answer you prefer in the book, next to each gargoyle’s name.

There is a gate behind the last gargoyle, Lady Priart. Go through the gate and leave your book in the Award Hall mailbox. This quest can be completed anytime until the end of December. A list of which Gargoyle Virtue each person values most will be on display at the upcoming Promotion Ceremony.

For members of the Royal Spies or Royal Guard, this counts a training in Foreign Relations and Spirituality. Turning in a completed book will be treated as though you had attended two Tuesday events. Since the book cannot be completed in the Enhanced Client, you may instead send your answers to or

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