Messy EMs: The Event

It has been pointed out that during the course of almost a full year of EM events that sometimes we leave little event bits out: random items, random NPC dialogues that make no sense months later, etc. While we do try to clean up after ourselves, we sometimes forget all the pieces of an event. We need your help to find them all.

What to do:
1. Find EM event items locked down in the world (for example: red swords, red books, enforcer orders) and make note of their locations.
2. Write them down in an email to along with your character’s name.
3. You can also write them in a in-game book and drop at the mailbox next to the Britain Counselor’s Hall.
4. We will read your emails and clean up. We will also keep track of who submits the most correct finds.
5. Winners will get their name at the Reward Hall.
6. We may leave out certain things that seem appropriate or are related to rewards.

Happy hunting!

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