Festival of Masks Fiction 4

Nayefa Jaskinor endured the Festival of Masks in alert silence. When it was over, she returned to her room. She found a square pine box on her dressing table. With trembling hands, she opened it and once again saw her son’s face.

softly down the stairs ~ trembling ~ past the reflecting pool ~ climb through small window ~ terrified ~ shipwright’s shop? ~ run to dock ~ suspiciously unattended small ship – heart pounding ~ no matter, SAIL – safe!

  • Rasesar Wej has won The Game of the Festival of Masks.
  • Nayefa Jaskinor returned to her husband and daughter with a square pine box. The family has gone into hiding again.
  • At 12:01 a.m. on June 20th, the sultan of Nujel’m was beheaded by the island’s guillotine.
  • The new sultan has declared the death a suicide. He also reminds the inquisitive that Nujel’m is a sovereign island. A sovereign island with a working guillotine.
  • The Eye of Dahsk is no longer on display in the throne room. Some say it has gone missing again.

Now we take off our masks, wrap our dolls in finest silk, and put them in the cedar chest for a time. A year, twelve years? The Game endures.

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