Tomas Savos

Tomas entered the Castle and started to look around.

“You look lost,” said the Arch Mage. “Can I help you?”

“Oh… hello. I’m looking for somebody from the Royal Council… a Francesco?”

“Why are you looking for Francesco?”

“He summoned me last month, asking me to come sometime today,” said Tomas, as he pulled a letter out of his pocket.

“Haven’t you been paying attention to the news?”

“Erm… well… no. I don’t tend to pay much attention to the Criers.”

“Well Francesco, as well as almost everybody else in the Council, was murdered.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Tomas. “Who… how…”

“It’s a complicated story. Why did Francesco call you to the castle?”

“He said he wanted to talk about being a historian to aid the Council.”

“A historian who doesn’t know current events?” The Arch Mage chuckled.

“Well I’ve been pre-occupied with my studies lately!”

“Well, Francesco must have had good reason to ask you. Let me see that letter.”

The Mage looked over Tomas’ letter carefully, quietly thinking as he read.

“Well… there is a lot of lore that has been left unwritten, and would be quite nice to have it all recorded. We could use somebody who would be able to understand the stories people know, figure out how to fill in the gaps, and write them down in a way everybody can understand them. Can you tell me about yourself, so I might judge for myself if you would be suitable for this job?”

“Sure. I’m Tomas Savos, a… scholar, I guess you could call me. I’ve worked as an apprentice over the past seven years or so, studying under almost every guildmaster in Britannia. Most recently, I was studying in New Haven, and my next stop was going to be Magincia before…”

“Magincia has fallen,” interrupted the Arch Mage. “Demons leveled the city.”

“Oh my! I guess I really should start paying attention to things other than my studies.”

“Yes, you probably should. Please continue.”

“Well… as I was saying. I’ve studied under just about every guildmaster in Britannia. I’ve never really mastered anything, but I know enough to at least make do. My studies have encompassed both crafts and combat techniques. I’ve learned all forms of melee combat, magery, chivalry, necromancy, field medicine…”

Tomas begins to count on his fingers as he lists, “Weapon and armor smithing, tailoring, bookmaking, arcane calligraphy, livestock management, archery, deep forest hunting, silver crafting, woodworking, herbology, map reading, baking, fletching, storytelling techniques…”
He pauses to think before continuing, “I think that’s about it. I’ve also spent a lot of time speaking with the guildmasters and their friends, learning some of their stories.”

“You have seen quite a bit more variety than I have with my studies. Sounds like you’d be able to keep an open perspective on anything, and be fairly likely to notice more things than most others… but I’m not sure you’re fit for surviving during explorations.”

“Well… oddly enough… monsters seem to ignore me, and for whatever reason trainers have said something seems to stop them from attacking me when I’m not ready to fight them. They said it made it hard to teach me how to stay aware of my surroundings when near potential enemies.”

“Like newcomers to the world? The ‘Young’? Even in Dungeons?”

“Oddly, yes. Even in Felucca.”

“I must make note to look into that… though this does give me another thought. We may be in need of another commander soon. You will need to prove your loyalty first, learn recent events, and get some more knowledge in combat tactics I imagine… but might you accept such a position if offered?”

“I… I don’t know. I’d have to think about it.”

“Of course. For now, though, do you think you could start making a record of some of the more recent happenings? We’ll need to speak with some others before I can let you know exactly how much we can offer you, and before I can promise the position, but I assure you the compensation will be significant as long as the quality of your work is good.”

“Yes, I think I could do that.”

“Good, good. Come with me then.”