Princess Mirendel


Princess Mirendel, the baby platinum dragon, was sent by the Platinum Dragons to be fostered at Castle British. She spent many happy days there, in the playpen the community built for her.


Sherry the Mouse gave Princess Mirendel toddler versions of Britannia’s two most popular children’s books. Kazola brought her a book of Baba Yaga stories. That led to Britannia’s turnip fields being inhabited by a Baba Yaga or two, until Kazola explained to the baby the difference between real and fictional characters.


Princess Mirendel’s received many wonderful gifts for her birthday, including more books and a bookshelf in which to keep them. Magnus Grey brought the princess The Cat and The Mongbat. The Fellowship gave her Cheery Knowledge, which taught her how important siblings are. It made her wish for a brother or sister of her very own. Mirendel’s wishes seem to come true…


At Princess Mirendel’s first birthday party, a baby crimson dragon hatched. The brave warriors and mages who had just fought off a wave of adult crimson dragons were wary of the hatchling. However, Mirendel saw her longed-for sibling and protected him with her tiny wings. Some Britannians welcomed the new baby, even suggesting names for him. Others view him as a tiny crimson Trojan horse (with talons).

The babies lived happily in the playpen, doted upon by the castle staff and many visitors. When unrest hit the capital, it was decided it would be best to send the children to the country. A large group of concerned citizens escorted the baby dragons to Yew, to live near Granny.


Come visit the baby dragons! Their home is easy to spot; it is watched over by Adelais the Seer. The babies are learning to talk. You can feed them fruit and other goodies. They love to play peek-a-boo, be read to, and imitate animal noises.