EM Hall & Award Halls

The West Britain Counselor Hall is where most EM Events will start. You can find the Counselor Hall on the north end of West Britain. The coordinates are 8° 27’N 12° 43’E Trammel. The Player Event Coordinator’s mailbox is at the cottage next door. The EM mailbox is now at the Award Hall.

If you go through the swirling teal gate at the north outside corner of the Counselor Hall, you’ll be whisked away to the Great Lakes Award Hall and Museum. The coordinates are 31° 7’N 47° 15’W Malas.

The Great Lakes Award Hall and Museum, Felucca Branch is at Felucca’s Britain Bank.

Our Meeting Hall is in Trammel at 24° 26’S, 1° 11’E. It’s a short distance northeast of the Britain moongate.
Meeting Hall