The Nemesis

The Nemesis

Location: Lycaeum


A woman in purple stands before a large crystal ball. She is Penumbra, the Seeress. She looks up from the swirls of fate and speaks:

“Hello, friend! You are here to have your fortune told? To know what the future holds, you must remember your past. There is a memory, hidden and forgotten, a past that is your future. To know the future, we must view this yesterday together. To walk the memory, touch the symbol of your nemesis. I will guide you along the path. Just remember to speak my name.”

“Now I count to six. The six enemies: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX.”

One is the GEAR. The gear is a mind of puzzles and machines found in a solitary workshop.

Two is the VORTEX. The vortex is an aberration of paradox and quintessence from the darkest void.

Three is the SNAKE. The snake is a peddler of dangerous tonics on the mean streets.

Four is the HANGMAN. The hangman is human prejudice and the failure of laws.

Five is the SPIDER. The spider is the creature of a forgotten temple, surrounded by cults and assassins.

Six is the SKULL. The skull is a heartless man bound by necromancy to the untamed wilds.

One – The Gear

Location: Merchant Caravan

tinker 1

Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE.

One – Merchant
You are a curious MERCHANT who is seeing the world and selling your wares. You deal in merchandise from all over the four continents and beyond. The caravan you were travelling with had several crates stuffed with your curiosities. You hoped sell these items in Vesper and Minoc and make a tidy profit.

A day outside of Vesper, the caravan stopped. There was a man in the road. His horse was pulling a strange device in a cart. The cart was stuck in the mud, and the horse couldn’t get it free. You asked the man if you could be of assistance, but he said it didn’t matter anyway. When you asked him for clarification, he said the machine wasn’t his design. He said the voices had told him what to build, but it wasn’t finished.

The strange man handed you a small gear and pointed to where it went. He begged you to help him finish his project with this activation. Did you turn on the machine?

YES or NO?

Two – Guard
You are an battle-tested GUARD who protects the trade caravans that move between cities. It is dangerous work moving goods between cities, but you always did your best to keep the trade caravans safe. This job had taken you up the wintery northern roads to Vesper.

You were leading the caravan when you noticed a man shouting at his horse. The horse was struggling to pull a cart that had broken an axle. When you got closer, the man motioned that he wanted your help. You got down off your mount and walked over. The two of you tried to lift the cart and fix the break, but it was no good.

The man mentioned that the golem inside the cart was very strong. He asked you to help him connect up the golem’s last gear. He begged you to help him fix the cart with this activation. Did you turn on the machine?

YES or NO?

Three – Wanderer
You are a mysterious WANDERER who lives on the roads and paths of Britannia. You love the open road and its many secrets. Often you are alone when you travel, but sometimes you hitch a ride with a group. You were travelling with a trade caravan when some strange events occurred.

The caravan had paused because of a harsh sleet storm, taking over in the trees. You were watching for the ice storm to pass, when you saw a figure on the road. It was a man on a horse pulling a strange cart behind. You waved to him, and he stopped and came over to huddle with all of you.

Unable to keep a fire lit, you talked to focus on something other than the cold. You told a story from your past, and asked the man about his life. He mentioned he was a tinker and he was building an important masterpiece. You asked him if it was in the cart, and he mentioned it was part of the project. He asked if you would help him for a moment and give your opinion. He mentioned that the others working with him weren’t always direct or clear. So he needed to test their work before adding it to the rest. You seemed capable, so he asked you to put the last gear in the gizmo. Did you turn on the machine?

YES or NO?

Location: Crossroads

tinker 3
You pushed the gear into place and turned a crank to start the tinkered device. It started making a terrible noise, and parts of it started to move wildly. The odd pile of iron and copper stood up, and the golem crushed the rest of the cart. The man started laughing wildly and ran off, but you ignored his flight. You tried to keep the rampaging golem away from the trade caravan. It moved inhumanly fast, crashing through carts and spooking horses. A young caravan driver got in the way, and the golem crushed his skull.The golem forced the caravan to retreat up the road, and it followed. At the nearest outpost, you and the guards there managed to stop the golem, but most from your caravan were injured, and its goods were spread out over a league.

Only you were able to go back to recover the body of the fallen driver. When you got there, the madman was directing several golems to drag away various things. He muttered, “Nothing personal, but I need to build what they tell me to. Great machine!” Barely able to face one of the strange golems, you lifted your friend’s body and retreated. In the weeks since, you have heard others have been attacked by this tinker. This can’t continue. You will make the roads safe again.

Location: Vesper Granary

tinker 2

Something was off with this strange man, so you refused to put the gear in the machine. When you declined, he started screaming at you and demanding the gear back. You realized it was a bad idea to give him the gear, so you started smashing it with a rock.

The upset stranger lunged at you then, clawing at your face wildly. You were able to push him off, and other members of the caravan noticed the commotion. Outnumbered, the man jumped on his horse and started riding away. Before disappearing into the wood, he turned his head and started at you. It felt like he was trying to burn your face into his memory.

After he left, you continued on to Vesper and almost forgot about these events. However, when you were doing business at the new granaries in town, you overheard some people talking about some strange attacks along the road. They said some half-crazed tinker was raiding trade caravans with golems! You then realized how lucky you had been, but you don’t think this is finished.


Two – The Vortex

Location: Ethereal Void
vortex 1
Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE

One – Dreamer
You are an unbalanced DREAMER who walks the sleep realms. Each night your dreams pull you to a strange worlds. You have walked the world of endless night to see the burning silver tree. You have lost yourself in the dust dunes of a blood red planet. You have danced with floating bags of jelly that murmur their sad songs.

A few weeks ago, your dreams pulled you to a mage working in the Void. The mage, Thariand, floated in space, drawing arcane runes of pure mana onto nothing. You didn’t recognize the magic, but you could feel the power pulling closer. Reality around him bent and warped as his long spell neared completion. The mage got more and more powerful, and he noticed you watching. He warned you not to interfere, but said you were welcome to witness his rise. The mage claimed to be approaching a new state of being, beyond mortal.

You watched the final day as he spoke “An Ylem Ort Kal,” the last incantation. Then, he disappeared, leaving only a spinning vortex of raw mana. You couldn’t see what happened, but you knew you could get closer. Did you move closer? Did you look into the Vortex?

YES or NO?

Two – Wizard
You are a thoughtful WIZARD who is studying the Ethereal Void. Mages and others practice spells, but as a wizard, you studied the very nature of magic. Your studies sometimes taught you secrets and spells that were very dangerous. You know of other wizards who have attempted spells so powerful, they died horribly. When you began studying the Ethereal Void, this was a risk you accepted. The Ethereal Void is the celestial framework of all reality and all arcane power. What eldritch secrets can’t be learned from books can be learned there.

You were studying the Ethereal Void when you met a fellow wizard named Thariand. Thariand was trying to invent a new type of casting, what he called “the magic of paradox.” He said that paradox covered everything: time, life and death, even how matter held together. He was starting a multiple day casting of his most powerful spell yet and invited you to help. You provided mana to help him, channeling it into the Void from Moonglow.

You watched the final day as he spoke “An Ylem Ort Kal,” the last incantation. Then, he disappeared, leaving only a spinning vortex of raw mana. You couldn’t see what happened, but you knew you could get closer. Did you move closer? Did you look into the Vortex?

YES or NO?

Three – Soothsayer
You are a paranoid SOOTHSAYER who has read omens of the Nemesis. As a seer or prophet, you sometimes receive signs and glimpses of the future. Lately, all of the omens have kept repeating the same word again and again. “Nemesis, Nemesis, Nemesis” – over and over, so you decided to investigate.

You acquired some incense from a mage named Fyrgen. The incense put you into a deep trance that allowed you to learn more. In a place between worlds, you saw a mage in the middle of a very long and powerful casting. When he said the words “An Ylem Ort Kal,” you realized he was invoking the Nemesis itself. Your trance state wasn’t able to stop him, and he was pulled into a spinning tear. Your trance didn’t break, and you knew you could see more if you wished. Did you move closer? Did you look into the Vortex?

YES or NO?

Location: Deeper in the Void
vortex 2

You moved closer to the vortex of quintessence and strange magic. There was a pull, a force drawing your closer. You tried to fight it, but the Ethereal Vortex swallowed your being. You felt your mind pulled through the Void to a distant place.

Thariand was there, and you tried to speak the mage. It was then that you noticed his muscles were bent at strange angles. That was when you heard the screech, a sound like a window unbreaking. There was a pattern in the Void, and looking at it hurt your mind. As it got closer to the mage, the patterns started shifting. The pattern would dissolve Thariand’s arm, and then make itself misbegotten appendages that appeared and disappeared. It kept doing this, limbs, organs, tissues while the mage was still alive. Soon only the ghostly spirit of the mage remained, and the pattern started on that. Consuming memories, it spoke, “Antithesis of obsolescence, conformity to the unique.”

Gaining control of its new eyes, the pattern finally noticed you, “Vicissitude opposition?” It started moving toward you, tripping over its inverse legs. Terror filled you, and you willed yourself away, throwing your spirit back to Britannia. You think this terrible pattern may have followed you back…

Location: House in Moonglow

vortex 3
Something about the vortex felt off, like curdled mana. You waited a moment to see if Thariand returned, but when he didn’t, you left the Void. Back in Britannia, you reported the strange events to the Lycaeum. You checked in, but Thariand was still missing weeks later.

One night, you were woken up by something standing beside your bed. Lighting a lamp, you looked at the strange humanoid figure in the dark. It looked like Thariand, but parts of him were missing or attached in the wrong way.

You grabbed a sword, when the creature started speaking. “Eye requested you viz-sit. Stood up. De-fect-ive. Scrutinize soon.” With the final word, its body collapsed and dissipate in sparks of energy. The magic felt like the curdled mana from the Vortex. Something has crawled out of that vortex from across reality. Whatever this something is, it has an interest in you personally…

Three – The Snake

Location: Drug Den

snake 1

Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE.

One – Friend
You were a loyal FRIEND who lost someone to a dangerous elixir. Your close friend was healthy a week ago and mentioned a new tonic. The tonic granted great strength and stamina along with a sense of euphoria. Your friend said it was the most amazing feeling and could do impossible feats. Your friend seemed fine for a few days, but then started getting weaker and weaker.When your friend died, you took it upon yourself to figure out what happened.

From the town guard, you learned this elixir had killed a few others. You found this unacceptable, so you searched the streets of Britain for answers. After a few dead ends, you came to the vile den where the concoction was being sold. You tried to help the sick people there, but the vile peddlers attacked. They planned to kill you, but the largest of them offered a deal to work for the Snake. Do you agree to work for the Snake?

YES or NO?

Two – Snitch
You were a dastardly SNITCH looking into a matter for the town guard. You have given information to the guard, and in exchange, they sometimes look the other way. You may be a scoundrel, but you are the scoundrel they know.

They asked you to look into a dangerous tonic called “Snake Venom.” People get hooked on this elixir and become increasingly unstable. They commit crimes to pay for more elixer and eventually die from its use. A mage divined for the guard that the elixir has ties to Ter Mur. You thought the guard was wrong, and Snake Venom was being produced in Britain.

Trying to buy some Snake Venom, you found your way to a thieves den. Unfortunately, some corrupt guard had informed the killers of your arrangement. They seemed very likely to want to kill you, but you got them talking. They decided to spare you if you worked for the Snake, their boss. Do you agree to work for the Snake?

YES or NO?

Three – Investigator
You were an unwavering INVESTIGATOR working against a criminal syndicate. You were working with the Royal Guard to stop a syndicate responsible for many deaths. Those who died had been purchasing a tonic that promised strength and pleasure. While this “Snake Venom” delivered at first, it always ended up killing the imbiber. Any who looked into these crimes too deeply ended up murdered. You took over the investigation to protect others from such threats.

You spent weeks following up on clues and looking into various leads, and eventually you uncovered a location where the tonic was being sold. You sent a message to arrange a raid with other guards in the town watch, but there was a miscommunication, and only you arrived at the raid. Alone and outnumbered, you were about to be killed by a dozen criminals. The largest of these thugs mentioned that their boss, the Snake, wanted to give you a bribe. Do you agree to work for the Snake?

YES or NO?

Location: Office of the Snake

snake 2

The big enforcer dragged you through back alleys until you got to an ordinary building. Inside, you were directed to a study and forced to wait. Eventually, a short man with an immaculate mustache entered and sat down.

You lunged at him, but he gestured a spell that froze you in place. He removed a small set of vials while the paralysis spell dwindled. He motioned you to a chair and started explaining about Silver Serpent Venom. It was the main ingredient in his tonic, a potent reagent, but also a deadly poison. He was trying to mitigate the detrimental aspects of the venom, but he needed time. To keep things running, he needed you to keep the guard out of his business.

He expected you to betray him, but he also bragged that he had eyes everywhere. Unless you wanted friends and family to suffer, you would keep him safe. He also mentioned that the building you were in belonged to one of his clients. This client had died mostly suddenly, and all the evidence could be made to point at you. He told you to think about his offer and called for his enforcer. The enforcer dragged you outside and tossed you in a gutter. The Snake may have all the leverage now, and you’ll work for him for the moment. But once you find a way free, the Snake is going to regret the blackmail.

Location – Britain Beach

snake 3

There was no way you would ever work for someone like the Snake. When you refused, the biggest thug just shrugged and motioned. The other criminals surrounded and started hitting. You were nearly unconscious when they took your weapons. They clamped a pair of iron manacles on your legs. You could barely struggle when they tossed you from the River’s Gate Bridge.

The winter water was cold, and you fought to stay conscious. You managed to pull a magical dagger they had missed from your boot. It was hard to focus as the currents bashed you against the rocks, but you managed to break the lock and get free. It was hard swimming, but you managed to get to the surface to breathe. Britain bay’s waters left you washed up on the beach.

The Snake tried to kill you, so this isn’t over. The criminal also probably thinks you are dead, so you can use that to your advantage. Next time, things are going to go very differently. You are pretty sure Snakes can’t swim.

Four – The Spider

Location: Spider Altar

spider 1

Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE.

One – Novice
You were a faultless NOVICE being initiated into a cult.You were searching for meaning and found an order who serve a great spirit creature. The acolytes referred to the spirit as Rythela, she who weaves dreams. Rythela grants boons to those who serve her and keep her ways. They brought you deep into the spider caves to their ritual chamber. The head acolyte told you that one must sacrifice of one’s self at the Spider altar. Then, he spoke the words “Nox Por Mani” and handed you a cup. Did you drink?

YES or NO?

Two – Archaeologist
You were an adventurous ARCHAEOLOGIST searching for a lost temple. Your research had spoken of a temple to a great spider eidolon. In ancient times, the fallen of Moonshade sacrificed people to the spider’s hunger. With those lands unpopulated, you assumed the temple abandoned. You searched for this temple deep in the spider caves of Ilshenar. You found the place of the spider’s power, but also a new threat. A cult that worship this powerful being also guarded her home. The cult had spears pointed at you and their tamed giant spiders ready to strike. Then they had given you a choice: drink from a cup or face their wrath. Did you drink from the cup?

YES or NO?

Three – Poisoner
You were a ruthless POISONER searching for the most potent spider venoms. You hunt large spiders for rare and interesting venoms. This practice brought you deep into the spider caves. You were carving up a deadly fiddle-back reaper when you were attacked. Your dagger nicked the cultist, but he laughed at your poison blade. With a dozen spears pointed at you and your poisons useless, you surrendered. They didn’t kill you, instead handing you a cup. Did you drink?

YES or NO?

Location: Cave of the Spider

spider 2

There was an acrid taste to the wine, and your realized you had been poisoned. Numbness claimed your muscles, and paralyzed, you collapsed to the ground. You felt the cult wrapping you in strong fibers and moving you somewhere. As you travelled, the hallucinations came, nightmares of pain and sickness. Some of what you see was real. There was a great spider, terrible and hungry. The spider’s chelicerae pierced your side, and she drank your blood. You did not die, as she paced her feeding to let you recover. The cycle repeated for days or weeks, and the pain was constant.

Eventually, the spider tired of your taste, and the cultists dragged you away. Your paralyzed form was unceremoniously discarded. Eventually, you regained control of your limbs and escaped the binding silk. Looking at the desiccated bodies around you, you realized you were lucky. You were weak and drained of blood, but you were alive. You know you will face the spider again…

Location: Entrance to Spider Dungeon

spider 3

One of the cultists cracked the shaft of his spear against the back of your legs. Falling to your feet, you struggled to keep the cup from your lips. You grabbed the stand of the goblet and splashed the contents onto your attackers. They screamed as the liquid burned their eyes, and you used the chaos to rush past. You ran, fighting off the half dozen cultists that can see and their spider pets. The rush of fear and blood helped push past the pain of bites and stab wounds.

After you managed to lose your pursuers, you collapsed trembling. Exhaustion and spider poison made your return to civilization difficult, and you still feel pain in some of the scars when it rains. You know the cult will hunt you down eventually. They cannot afford to let you live.

Five – The Hangman

Location: Small Town Cove

hangman 1

Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE.

One – Refugee
You were a charismatic REFUGEE who speaks for the others from the camp. Cove has a large number of refugees who share a camp together. There are gargoyles, displaced from Ver Lor Reg or Ter Mur. There are goblins, Juka, humans down on their luck, and even a few orcs. You get along with all of them and many of the Cove locals.

Unfortunately, there has been a growing problem: the Britannian Purity League. The League is a separatist movement that hates non-human beings. There have been many attacks and crimes against the refugees from this group. You did your best to calm tensions in the town, but things have been getting worse. There was a death. Some local members of the League attacked a gargoyle youngster. This wingless gargoyle fought back, and one of the humans involved died as a result. Despite the tense situation and your pleading, the mayor of Cove went by the book. The gargoyle was put on trial for murder, and the town was picking sides.

The gargoyle got a very good defense, and several witnesses came forward. When it seemed the gargoyle would be found not guilty, there were murmurs in the gallery. When the regional judge recessed to deliberate, the chaos started. The surviving members of the gang and others stormed the room and grabbed the wingless. They dragged him outside and strung him up on a makeshift gallows. Many of the town protested this gross injustice, but only a few tried to fight. Were you one of these fighters? Did you try to stop the hanging?

YES or NO?

Two – Witness

You were an honest WITNESS who saw the events of the crime. You know the city of Cove well, having visited it often over the years. On a recent visit, you were buying provisions at the Farmer’s Market. A group of locals started pushing around a wingless refugee who tried to get away. The gang surrounded the gargoyle and started punching. The wingless gargoyle took a few hits, but then went berserk. Within moments, the entire group was on the ground, and one was dead.

Cove’s town guard took the wingless into custody and took statements. It seemed a clear case of self-defense, but the trial started a few days later. You gave your testimony and received a few angry stares from the gallery.

When the regional judge recessed to deliberate, the chaos started. The surviving members of the gang and others stormed the room and grabbed the wingless. They dragged him outside and strung him up on a makeshift gallows. Many of the town protested this gross injustice, but only a few tried to fight. Were you one of these fighters? Did you try to stop the hanging?

YES or NO?

Three – Lawyer
You were a clever LAWYER who tried to defend the accused. You know the laws of Britannia and believe in justice. You heard of an incident with a gargoyle refugee in Cove, so you travelled there to provide legal counsel. You believe the law requires a fair trial for everyone, innocent or guilty.

When you arrived, you met with your new client, a gargoyle with no wings. The wingless wasn’t terribly bright, but he managed to tell his story. He had been buying fruit for himself and his hatch-kin but he was slow paying. The group behind him started yelling at him to hurry, which made him confused. He dropped all his gold on the counter and grabbed the fruit to leave. At that point, someone pushed him, and then more were hitting and kicking. The gargoyle’s story got a little confused at that point, but another witness filled in the rest. You believed the gargoyle was not guilty, because his actions were justified by self-defense. So you advised your client not to accept a plea bargain. You did your best to provide a clear and pointed defense of the wrongfully attacked. During your closing statement, you noticed a few angry faces in the gallery.

When the regional judge recessed to deliberate, the chaos started. The surviving members of the gang and others stormed the room and grabbed the wingless. They dragged him outside and strung him up on a makeshift gallows. Many of the town protested this gross injustice, but only a few tried to fight. Were you one of these fighters? Did you try to stop the hanging?

YES or NO?

Location: Refugee camp

hangman 3

You and several others tried to stop this injustice, pushing through the crowd. Those closest to the gallows were driven off by sword and spear. The rest found themselves jostled and shoved by those angry at the gargoyle. The crowd started throwing rocks at you and the other defenders. Someone started a chant of “murderer, murderer,” and many were screaming. They wanted to hang the wingless, and this caused his hatch-kin to go berserk. Arriving late, the town guard attacked the gargoyles rather than those who started the riot. Soon, there was fighting in the square, and people were attacking the refugees.

When it was clear it wasn’t possible to save the gargoyle, you tried to protect others. You managed to shield some of the non-human refugees and were injured in the process. Getting this ragtag group out of Cove, they took you to their camp. You were in the camp when you heard news that no one had saved the wingless from being hanged. Spending a few days recovering in the camp, you could feel the tension. News from Cove spoke of similar tensions with the mayor declaring a curfew and searches. You believe the wrong people will get blamed for these terrible events. You plan to find justice for the dead. Those who did this will never do it again. You won’t let them.

Location: Cove Graveyard

hangman 2

The few that tried to fight the gang were driven off by sword and spear. Many in the crowd started cheering as the noose tightened. The wingless was hanged until dead, and you left Cove in disgust. As you were passing through the area next, you stopped at the graveyard. You saw another wingless weeping beside a plot marked only by an uncarved stone. You stood beside the gargoyle and paid your respects. Guilt, sorrow, and rage filled your mind. Those who did this will never do it again. You won’t let them.

Six – The Skull

Location: Jungle Outpost

skull 1

Now I count: one, two, three. Three paths could have led you here. ONE, TWO, or THREE.

One – Mercenary
You are an vicious MERCENARY defending a distant location. You were hired by a company in Britain to protect their operation. The work seemed rather uninteresting, a minor deposit of silver. You believed your presence was an excessive amount of security. You were wrong.

On a hot day about a week into the job, there were shouts of alarm. You drew your weapon and raced to the protective palisade. The fortified work camp was surrounded by a group of undead creatures. They looked like zombies in their tattered clothes, but they moved with more order. When a fellow mercenary left the compound to fight, they struck him down. They seemed to hold their position, waiting for something.

Eventually, an armored man on a rotting horse rode up to the gate. When he was close, you saw he was more skeleton than human being. He put up his hand and the other undead looked to him. Then he gave the command: “Tear it down and leave none alive” he said in a cold, compelling voice. The horde did not hesitate, striking with a fury you did not expect. Half of the defenders were dead in the first minute, but you fought back hard. You managed to behead one zombie, while two others tackled your arms. Kicking and lashing out, you managed to get back to your feet.

Only to be stabbed in the chest by the mounted commander. You were on the ground bleeding out, surrounded by screams and the dying. The leader of the undead got off his horse and knelt beside your dying body. “You fought well. I can save you, but there will be a terrible cost: your beating heart.” He waited for your answer. Did you sacrifice your heart?

YES or NO?

Two – Healer
You are a compassionate HEALER wandering the south jungles to help people. You were practicing your vocation in the southern jungles. You heard about many people being injured or dying south of Trinsic. Since that area is so underpopulated, you decided lend a hand. After helping to care for some sick in a small village, you headed deeper into the wilds. There weren’t any people, but you believed you were there for a reason.

You were filling your pack with fresh healing herbs when you heard the screams. You had no idea what was happening, but it sounded like a lot of people needed help. You arrived at a fortified camp filled with the dying or dead miners. You quickly triaged those still alive and set to work saving those you could. One terrified man who couldn’t stand grabbed your arm, and warned: “They’re coming back.”

You continued to treat the man, but there wasn’t much you could do for the injuries. When you turned to help another, there was a skeletal man on a horse, watching. You put up your hands in a sign of surrendered, but he stabbed you with his blade. It looked like a mortal wound, and you knew you would die if it wasn’t treated quickly. “My group needs someone able to sew up injures that won’t heal, so you have a choice. I can save you, but there will be a terrible cost: your beating heart.” Did you sacrifice your heart?

YES or NO?

Three – Scout
You are an observant SCOUT sent by the Crown to investigate disappearances. You were ordered to scout out and investigate some disappearances. You are told that the order came directly from the King and was based on some strange reports. You spent weeks wandering the wilds south of Trinsic, finding nothing but bug bites.

On that fateful day, you found tracks that showed a large force moving through the undergrowth. You quickly followed the tracks, and it lead you to a mining camp under attack by skeletons. You joined the fight, trying to help against the undead, but they were very skilled. Even with your training, you could barely harm them, and you were overwhelmed. One of them stabbed you, leaving you bleeding and paralyzed. A well-armored skeletal man stood over you and noticed your outfit. “I can always use a skilled scout in my company, if you are willing to pay the price. I can save you, but there will be a terrible cost: your beating heart.” Did you sacrifice your heart?

YES or NO?

Location: Necromancy room

skull 3

When you agreed, the skeletal commander motioned to his servants. Two larger zombies picked up your body and started carrying you through the jungle. Eventually, you came to a cave. Inside a location had been prepared for a ritual. The skeletal man pulled out a sharp dagger and placed it over your heart. He explained that with this blood pact, you would be part of his mercenary company. The necromancy would bind your heart to undeath and the rest of his legion. You wouldn’t die, but your body would no longer heal or age or feel anything. You would do as he commanded, and in return, you would share in the rewards.

He plunged the knife down and cut out your heart, throwing it into the magic fire. It didn’t burn, but it turned black and you felt your breath leave you. Even in the warm jungle, you felt colder than you had ever felt.

You were now an undead creature, forced to work with these unnatural mercenaries. They call themselves “the Heartless Heirs,” and they are terrible individuals. They have murdered many in the wilds south of Trinsic, and many have been forced to work for their cause. As one of the newest recruits, your body has not yet begun to show the designs of decay. Because of this, the Heartless Heirs have sent you to spy on the lands of the living. You currently do as you are told, but you hope to break this curse before you rot away. First, you plan to save your heart and life, then you must destroy these abominations…

Location: Healer in Trinsic

skull 2

When you refused, the skeletal commander shrugged and turned away. The undead fell into formation behind him and disappeared into the jungle. You were left to bleed out, staring up at the sun through the jungle trees. The minutes of your life were ticking away, when you saw a human face. The person smiled at you and said she would try to help you live. You fell unconscious and don’t remember anything before you woke up a week later.

You awoke in the healer’s shop in Trinsic, in terrible condition. While a wandering adventurer had managed to stop the bleeding, You had been very close to death when she had gotten you through a gate to town. The healers had done their best, but infection had caused you to spike a fever. While the fever broke and you regained consciousness, you were very weak. You knew it would be a long road to recovery, and your body still has a large scar. You don’t know why the attack happened, or who the undead were that attacked. All you know is that you plan to stop those murderous and heartless monsters.


Location: The Award Hall


Write down your answers for another to read:

  • First, your name is most important.
  • Second, write the name of your Nemesis. They are Gear, Vortex, Snake, Hangman, Spider, or Skull.
  • Next, write down how you crossed your enemy’s path.Each Nemesis had three paths named, write the one you chose.
  • Finally, write down the choice you made, Yes or No, in your book.
  • Then, you may write any notes or other thoughts of your head or heart.

When you are finished, place the book in the mailbox at the Award Hall. You are done, but someday soon you will face your enemy. I wish you luck and success.

*Penumbra smiles at you sadly*