The Circle of Singularity

Amo-lem, kal ante Kir Pri-tas! My friend, welcome into the Circle of Singularity! I have invited you, my friends from Britannia, to learn about the Gargoyle Virtues!

The Virtues of Singularity comes from one of our most ancient books, the Book of Circles. Still, sometimes, we have to choose between two dearly held principles. I would like to help each of you discover which Gargoyle Virtue you value the most.

I have asked twenty-eight gargoyles to stand in a great circle in the Royal City. Each gargoyle will ask a question that will help you towards a better understanding of yourself.

-Princess Rhista


If you wish to try these questions yourself, read the questions and write down the keyword of the answer you prefer. The keyword of the answers appears in parentheses. For example, a monk might ask, “Would you rather live in a big city, such as (Britain), or a woodland town, such as (Yew)?” You would then write either Britain or Yew. Once you have answered all the questions, count how often you chose each Gargoyle Virtue. Whichever Virtue you answered the most often is the one you value above all the others. If two are equal, please see this page.

After you know your own Gargoyle Virtue, you may be interested in seeing how others answered each question. There were many different inspirations for the questions, including our own imaginations. A few of the questions have a direct historical basis, which you may be interested in reading after you have answered them yourself. For those interested in knowing more about the names of the gargoyles in the Circle of Singularity, see here.

1. Anhurlem
You have the honor of choosing between two renowned mentors.
One mentor is known both for the great monuments she built and the builders she has trained,
However, she is cold and critical, expecting long hours of work, but rarely giving praise.
The other is a great weaponsmith who shares his passion for the forge with his apprentices,
However, though kind, he can be lax about his responsibilities as a teacher.
Do you choose the (Direction) of the builder or to embrace the (Feeling) of the smith?

2. Behesh
You are a gargoyle ruler.
Underworld goblins have sent a caravan to one of your cities, hoping to establish trade.
Unfortunately, the governor killed the merchant-goblins, suspecting them of being spies.
The goblins promise peace and trade if you turn over the governor to them for execution,
If you refuse to turn over the governor, they will make war against your people.
Do you sacrifice the governor, hoping the (Balance) will prevent a needless conflict;
Or do you refuse, trusting in gargoyle martial strength and (Achievement) to crush any aggression?
Do you turn over the governor to restore (Balance) or rely on gargoyle martial skill (Achievement)?

3. Charpri
You are a renowned healer, the best in the land at treating mindblast wounds.
You have been asked to treat the mindblast wounds of a captive An-Kal-Lem from Hythloth.
You lost family members to these banished gargoyles and hold a great anger toward them.
You are busy enough that nobody would think it strange if you passed the case to another healer.
However, you must consider the value of all gargoyle life.
Do you decline the case because of (Feeling) or treat the patient out of respect for (Singularity)?

4. Delsa
You have been tasked with managing a large group of wingless on a building project.
The project falls behind because of conditions beyond your control.
It is possible to finish on schedule if you and the wingless work through the night.
Do you show the (Persistence) to guide your exhausted team through the night’s work;
Or do you show (Feeling) for those in your care and allow them to return home to rest?
Do you urge (Persistence) on your exhausted team or show (Feeling) by allowing them to sleep?

5. Eksor
You have been working without a break for months.
In addition to your normal duties, you have been training to perfect a particularly difficult skill,
But mastery still eludes you. Tomorrow begins a three-day holiday.
Do you use the time to (Persist) in training or rest and reflect to maintain (Balance) in your life?

6. Fersku
You have crafted what you hope will be your first masterwork.
Your mentor believes you should present it as a gift to a visiting pri-lem.
You respect your mentor and do see the wisdom of this advice,
But you worry that blade’s balance isn’t as good as it could be.
Do you gift the near-masterwork (Achievement), or keep it to improve to your (Precise) standards?

7. Gloramo
You have been assigned to make a hundred swords necessary for the defense of the Holy City,
But you have not been given enough time to do the job properly.
If you rush the job, you can make swords that are adequate.
Do you work hurriedly, for the sake of gargish (Order), or hold yourself to a (Precise) standard?

8. Huri
You are a mining overseer and feel your crew is about to hit the mother lode.
Believing that the mine is dry, your superior tells you to abandon the mine for a new assignment.
Do you (Persist) for one more day or immediately follow the (Direction) to move to the new site?

9. Idelor
A great warrior asked you to imbue a soul glaive.
You are days from finishing the masterwork, and it is your greatest work.
If you finish it, its magic will never falter.
The warrior asks for the glaive early so he may use it in a desperate and important battle.
Do you hold back the soul glaive and imbue it with your (Persistence) so it will last forever,
Or do you allow the glaive to (Achieve) importance in battle, but only last a few hundred years?

10. Jurarklem
You have been captured by a longtime enemy city just prior to peace negotiations.
From what you observe, the enemy’s resources and resolve are much less than your side believed.
The enemy leader brings you to the peace negotiation, demanding that you urge your side to settle.
Do you (Balance) the needs of both sides in urging a swift peace,
Or do you give (Precise) information to your side, knowing the enemy will torture and kill you?

11. Kerkor
You are one of a few healers on an expedition into the Stygian Abyss.
The commander does not appreciate the importance of healers and often makes derisive comments.
A night guard falls asleep on duty and almost misses a sneak attack by fire daemons.
You managed to raise the alarm in time.
Knowledge of your actions might make the commander more polite to you and your fellow healers,
However, it would bring the commander’s wrath down on the guard, which might disrupt morale.
Do you tell the commander of your (Achievement) or preserve (Order) with your silence?

12. Lapesh
You have been asked to mentor a refugee gargoyle from Ver Lor Reg.
The gargoyle’s work is below the standards of any of your previous apprentices.
Normally, you would never agree to work with someone so inexperienced.
Do you decline because of your (Precise) standards, or agree for (Singularity) and gargoyle unity?

13. Marsini
You have been assigned to work with one who hatched the same day you did.
Since you two work well together, you are often assigned dangerous duties as a pair.
You always take charge of the situation, which frustrates your less-focused hatch-kin.
You feel it is your responsibility to insure your hatch-kin’s safety.
Do you protectively maintain control (Direction) or share the responsibility (Balance)?

14. Nikad
An Elder who taught you so much when you were a child is dying.
She cared for you, but also pushed you to work harder.
Sitting with her during her final hours, do you express the (Feelings) you have for her;
Or do you gratefully discuss all you have (Achieved) because of her tutelage?

15. Ovru
Your mentor has tasked you with the imbuing a specific magic onto dozens of identical blades.
He demonstrated a specific technique he wanted you to use and has given you a generous deadline.
He seemed to believe there was some educational value in the slow and difficult task.
You have developed an alternate technique that will allow you to finish the work in half the time.
Do you (Persist) in the instructed method, or complete the work (Precisely) with your quicker way?

16. Parmistas
When you were born, a seer foretold that you might perform a great and historic feat.
Walking home, you hear the cries of a wingless and find him at the bottom of a spider pit.
He is too bulky to fly out with, and you hear the sounds of a horde of sentinel spiders closing in.
Do you fly to get help, safe to someday (Achieve) the important prophesized act;
Or do you try to protect the injured wingless (Singularity), possibly dying unremembered?

17. Quaeven
You have been offered a choice of posts.
The more prestigious post would be to serve under a great general,
And the important work would present many opportunities for recognition and advancement.
The less prestigious post would grant you independence, from which you would learn to be a leader.
Do you choose the (Achievement) possible with the general or the (Direction) of your own path?

18. Reskius
You have been ordered to inventory a grain shipment to be delivered to a settlement of refugees.
The shipment has already been delayed by a week, and an exact inventory will take a few days.
Because of possible spoilage, an inventory would guarantee the refugees get what they need.
Or you could estimate the shipment’s size to get the food to the hungry refugees more quickly.
However, if any food is spoiled, it won’t be replaced, so the refugees won’t get their full portion.
Do you (Feelingly) rush the food to them, or do a (Precise) count to make sure they get enough?

19. Silor
You are a farmer, diligently working the rough lands of Ter Mur.
Lately your fellow farmers have become frustrated by unreasonable demands from the Royal City.
They have nominated you to go to the Royal City to deal with the bureaucratic issues.
Do you decline the position and do your farm work with (Persistence),
Or do you and find the best compromises for the (Order) of gargoyle society?
Do you (Persist) in your farm work or deal with bureaucracy to try to maintain (Order)?

20. Tasmu
You are an experienced tinker from Ver Lor Reg and have taught many apprentices.
You have been asked to assist on large effort to build defensive golems for Ter Mur.
Many in the work group are inexperienced with building golems,
So, most of the clockwork assemblies have been put together incorrectly.
You could delay completion of the project to work with the novices on doing the work correctly,
Or you could reassemble the clockwork yourself and finish the project on time.
Do you (Direct) the novice tinkers or finish the work with (Precision) yourself?

21. Umek
You hold a position where you schedule patrols to the edges of the Void around Ter Mur.
Some of the patrols have faced greater dangers than expected lately.
One of your hatch-kin is next in the rotation to patrol a particularly dangerous spot.
Do you protect your hatch-kin out of (Feeling) or maintain (Order) by not changing the roster?

22. Vestas
You have been tracking a murderer through the Abyss for many days and are closing in on him.
While making camp for the night, you find a cache of messages.
Some hint at a possible attack on the Holy City by a group of cultists.
Do you (Persist) in your pursuit, or (Singularity) rush to warn the city of the potential attack?

23. Wisun
You are a healer treating a new outbreak of Blight.
You worked past exhaustion for almost a week, before the relief healers arrived.
Even with these healers, you are not sure it is enough to get the worst cases through the night.
You could work through the night, endangering your own health but possibly saving everyone,
Or you could get some much needed rest, preserving your own health.
Do you work through the night (Singularity) or (Balance) patient needs with your own need to rest?

24. Xelos
You have been temporarily assigned to a troop on a dangerous mission.
After early missteps, you realize the troop leader is less experienced than the rest of you.
Do you find some way to take control and (Direct) the mission successfully for everyone’s sake,
Or do you maintain (Order) and follow the commands of the troop leader?
Do you (Direct) the mission or maintain (Order)?

25. Ynord
You are a scout who has found a small settlement being attacked by a horror.
Some settlers have escaped to summon reinforcements, but many are injured or dying in the ruins.
You cannot defeat the horror alone, but could inform and advise the approaching reinforcements.
Do you (Direct) the tactical situation or follow (Singularity) and aid the injured survivors?

26. Zutim
You are a healer who inoculates newly hatched gargoyles against the Blight.
You have made it your life’s work to travel around giving this medicine.
During your inoculations, you noticed the parents of some of the hatchlings seemed nervous.
They also used words from the Hythloth dialect of gargish.
Do you report the An-Kal-Lem presence to the Royal City to maintain (Order);
Or do you refuse to undermine the delicate (Balance) of trust necessary to your profession?

27. Sir Traktasart
Your earliest memory is the music of the hatchery, and even now, it still sings you to sleep.
When the Athenaeum hatchery came under attack, you led the younger gargoyles to safety.
Your tactical brilliance was recognized, and you have led gargoyles in battle for a thousand years.
In this time of peace, you are faced with a choice:
Do you listen to your (Feeling) to focus on the aud-char, sharing the songs of lost Athenaeum Isle,
Or do you find (Balance) between your feelings and discipline,
Training the next generation of warriors who may someday reclaim that lost island?
Do you follow your (Feeling) for music or find a (Balance) to train others in your strategies?

28. Lady Priart
An incursion of the Void threatens an important road to part of Ter Mur with fertile farmlands.
The incursion cannot be turned back without heavy casualties.
Do you send in forces to maintain (Order), or hold them back to preserve their lives (Singularity)?