Consult with a Wisp

An unpublished fiction from when I was a new EM. –Malachi

Simbelane looked at the shadow in the corner of her cell. “Anh Mi Sah Ko” she whispered hoarsely, but she was too weak to heal her injuries. A graying guard watched her from a stool on the other side of the door. He squinted at the shadow, but didn’t see anything. A young man came down the prison hallway.

“I’m here to relieve your watch. How is the prisoner? Has she said anything since they put her there?” asked the younger of the guards.

“She mumbled something about needing to consult with a wisp. Other than that, she’s just staring into space, like she was waiting for something. Creepy, but at least she is quiet. We’ve got a few mad ranters in the next cell block,” answered the older guard. He stood up and stretched his back. “Should be a quiet night for you.”

“I’m surprised. Dexter mentioned she put up a fight when they brought her in. He said it was so chaotic no one knew which red was her hair or their blood. He put about a dozen broken arrows shafts in the evidence locker.”

“Dexter tends to be dramatic. One archer against a half dozen of the Royal Guard? She didn’t stand a chance.”

“He mentioned there was magic: painful spells that cut like knives and poison and ice.”

“Necromancy from the sound of it. A Trinsic paladin needs to be prepared for such dark arts, so he shouldn’t complain about a few bruises. Why were they trying to arrest her in the first place?”

“She’s part of a group that was smuggling blackrock into Trinsic. After Haven and Magincia, the mayor is taking no chances. Anyone bringing that stuff into his city will be put to death. Murphy was cataloging her stuff, and sure enough, she had a box full of small pieces of blackrock.”

“No wonder she fought tooth and nail, I’d hate to lose my head in Trinsic.”

“She didn’t fight at first. She ran like a scared animal. Only when they surrounded her on Barrier Island did she start fighting back. Trapped like a rat, I’d fight back too.”

“You sound sympathetic. Careful about that. Don’t let your guard down. By the virtues, she’ll get a fair trial. I’m sure of that, as sure as I am that she was planning something unnatural with that blackrock. Keep your eyes ready, lest something unnatural happen under your nose.”

The younger guard nodded and took a seat. The old guard limped down the corridor. Simbelane turned back to the corner shadow and smiled. A small wisp floated out of the shadow. It glimmered and spoke “Xtvxy. Yly. Xxmp xvs kk ky r!”