War Journal

A piece of flash fiction about an important event in Ultima Online’s early history. –Malachi


We held the city through the night.

At first light, we looked across the mists at the Fens of the Dead, hoping to see reinforcements from Britain. Instead, we saw a dozen cohorts marching to reinforce Juo’Nar’s flank. I ordered the retreat then.

Despite understandable fear, Trinsic’s defenders did not panic and flee. It was an orderly withdrawal. Every military and merchant ship was loaded to capacity, and mages from all over Britannia gated away as many as they could. Children, the elderly, and those who could not walk were carried to safety. Despite the danger, a few volunteered to stay in the doomed city to undermine the enemy. I have never been more proud of my people, nor more ashamed of my inability to protect them.

-War Journal of Dupre, The Fall of Trinsic