20 Years of Lore

20 Years of Lore

September 24, 1997 – September 24, 2017

Over the course of 20 years, there has been a lot of stories and lore to keep track of. Here is a sampling of some of our favorites. Most of these were written by other writers. I am also including the Sosarian year using the calendar preferred on Great Lakes. –Malachi

Prologue Fiction – The worlds of the Gem were set into motion by the Shattering.

1997 (300) – The events of the Beta Shard showed us the price of failure, and a mage practiced questionable magic in the Hedge Maze.

1998 (312) – Jou’Nar and the Followers of Armageddon created chaos throughout Britannia. 

1999 (324) – The Lost Lands were discovered, but those who discovered it lost their lives. 

2000 (336) After Trinsic’s fall, Nystul creates the new facet of Trammel.

2001 (348) Using questionable inspiration, Gilforn discovers the lost facet of Ilshenar.

2002 (360) Exodus interferes with the conflict between the Meer and the Juka, eventually pulling the Juka through time.

2003 (372) The dark facet of Malas is discovered, along with the ancient and terrible dungeon of Doom.

2004 (384) The way to Tokuno was discovered. 

2005 (396) – The Heartwood is reconnected with Sosaria, and elves reappear in the world.

2006 (408) – Inu the Crone appeared with cryptic warnings about a troubled future.

2007 (420) – The island of Magincia falls.

2008 (432) – The Shadowlords enter the world.

2009 (444) – Casca, puppet of the Shadowlords, begins his reign of terror.

2010 (456) – Contact is made with the gargoyles of Ter Mur, and Britannians take to the High Seas.

2011 (468) – Queen Dawn is killed by Virtuebane.

2012 (480) – As chaos gripped the land, Blackthorn returned to restore order and hope.

2013 (492) – The Enchantress Minax opened a gate to a fallen and lawless Sosaria.

2014 (504) – Lord British briefly returned to share advice with his old friend.

2015 (516) – The Time Lord opened the Silver Gate to Shadowguard, with unexpected results.

2016 (528) – Britannia and the tribes of Eodon went to war with the Myrmidex.

2017 (540) – Britannia was invaded by the Elemental Titans of the world of Pagan.