Julia of Minoc

Halston Montil looked down the edge of his blade at the large troll in front of him. The Royal Guard investigator had chased the leader of the Followers of Armageddon across half the continent, only to arrive later than the angry troll who had been tricked into attacking Britannia. Montil knew that his warriors could deal with the creature, but not without risking the two innocents who the cultist was hiding behind. “Troll, if you threaten us no more, you are free to go.”

“No! Brother Killer must die!”

One of the hostages, a woman in a simple orange dress, tried to explain to the troll that the guard would stop the murderer and Justice would be served. The troll was beyond reason. G’thunk brought his huge club down on the entire trio, but Julia interceded to shield the other hostage, her small frame taking the brunt of the blow.

The Royal Guard didn’t hesitate and moved in. Half the group arrested and secured the cabal leader, while the remaining moved against the troll. The creature did not go down easily, and even as the troll lay dying, G’thunk crawled toward his target, screaming “Brother Killer!” Montil was half tempted to let the troll have the human murderer.

The threats abated, he turned his attention to the injured. The other hostage, the mage Mariah, cradled the dying woman in her arms and tried to focus mana through a root of ginseng she had torn from the ground. The guardsman recognized the healing spell, but knew from Julia’s pallor, it wouldn’t be enough.