Timeline of Magnus Grey

I. Early Life
II. The Death of His Brother
III. Undercover Years
IV. Minister of Agriculture
V. The Dark Days
VI. Fall of House Mirza
VII. Return to Service


Early Life

Magnus Grey was born in Britain. When his mother died of illness a few years later, he was raised by his brother Lukas. A former neighborhood tough, Lukas worked as a dockworker to provide for the two. While he hoped for a better life for his brother, Lukas made sure to pass on certain lessons:

“Small, light-weight, sharp, easily concealed. It only comes out if the other guy draws his. The blade doesn’t have enough heft or length to break bones or get through armor, so you want to slash or jab with it, at bare skin, or the gaps in armor. Cuts on the hand or arm can make it difficult for the other person to hold a weapon, but not always. Keep your knife moving.” – Lukas Grey

Growing up in the bustling capital, Magnus learned much, including how to read from Cordelia Corrigan, Lukas’s fiancee and a local healer.

“Magnus visited me for the first time in over a year. We didn’t have much to talk about. I think he comes out of obligation to Lukas, but these visits only remind us of the past. It is hard to imagine that the sweet boy I tutored grew into that somber man.” – Cordelia Corrigan


The Death of His Brother

Lukas Grey was murdered by Ozan Mirza when the Nujel’m Lord started human trafficking in Britain. A witness to his brother’s death, Magnus came under the care of Holt Wilder who raised the young man to be one of the crown’s spies.

“Looking for Mirza? You won’t find him. He’s back on his ship. There will be some angry letters between Britain and Nujel’m, but I’ve been told not to pursue the matter. Diplomacy! But there will be another chance. The arrogant and greedy don’t stop. You and I won’t forget, and he won’t escape next time. Next time, one of us will solve the problem for good.” – Holt Wilder


Undercover Years

After a few years of questionable work directly for Holt, Magnus was inducted formally into the Royal Spies. There he met James Greene, who would remain a lifelong friend. He was also trained by a woman named Tess Midnight. Refined and formally educated, Tess Midnight may have been the opposite of Magnus, but the two started a relationship. Sadly, it did not end well.

“I will be leaving Britain on assignment shortly, but I promised you an answer to your question. I cannot marry you, even though I do love you. Neither of us can give what the other needs, and neither can we change what we both value most. There is a storm coming to Britain, and we must both play our roles.” – Tess Midnight

Because of a falling out over political matters, Magnus went into deep cover, spending a couple of years in the criminal underworld of Britain and even Yew Prison.

“Britain’s my home, and I care more about that than squawking nobles. I’m not the sort for promotion anyway.” – Magnus Grey


Minister of Agriculture

Due to chaotic events and the attention of the wrong people, he was promoted to Spymaster by the King pro-tempore.

“Officially, you’ll be the Minister of Agriculture. It seemed an amusing title for a city boy like you. I mean, look at you: five minutes time, and already you’re looking slick enough to see the king.” – James Greene

While Casca had assumed that Magnus would be a puppet, Magnus managed to organize and train the next generation of Royal Spies who would bring down the oppressive regime and the Shadowlords behind the throne. Unfortunately, early in this resistance, Magnus was captured and held in one of Casca’s secret prisons.

“I commend my men for having captured Magnus Grey so easily. From the rumors, I wouldn’t have expected the ‘spymaster’ to fall to a dozen men, especially one who fights without honor. We must have found a dozen kryss blades hidden on his person. Grey won’t be escaping those shackles. Their magic will hold him in place until we need him. He is silent during torture. I think it would be easier to execute him, but Casca thinks he can tell us something.” – Enforcer Morton

Magnus Grey managed to survive captivity and the fall of the Casca regime. Queen Dawn recognized the pivotal work of the Royal Spies and promoted Magnus Grey to Minister of Security, but not everyone was happy with the new status quo:

“Her promotion of Minister Grey is troubling. He is a commoner from the city of Britain who has no business in such a position. “ – Lord Kendal


The Dark Days

During the conflict with Virtuebane and his Bane Chosen, the Assembly of Lords and Guilds, lead by Lord Kendal, created various legislative roadblocks to the Ministry of Security.

“Government officials who do not get approval for all military activities will be fined or removed from their office.” -The Britannian Peace Act

Magnus Grey was removed from his position for a short time, but when Kendal’s handpicked successor turned out to be a Bane Chosen mole, Magnus Grey returned to officially leading the Royal Spies. Despite the diligence of the Royal Spies, they were unable to prevent Queen Dawn’s death, and Magnus Grey was stabbed by the last surviving Bane Chosen conspirator.

“Vengeance for Virtuebane!” – Oswald of the Bane Chosen

When the festering wound wouldn’t heal, Magnus Grey was taken in by a mysterious group called the Fellowship. While their magic eventually helped him recover, several in the Royal Spies started to worry their leader had been compromised.

“Worthiness precedes reward, yet the reward requires a certain state of mind. One must accept the tranquility and trust of the Fellowship. To become part of our Unity is not a simple process, but there is hope for your friend. A man on death’s door will accept any return to life. Magnus will not die. Whether he recovers completely is now his responsibility, his mind must find the way back. I will continue to wash his wound and see that he is comfortable.” – Brita of the Fellowship


Fall of House Mirza

“Do you expect me to apologize? I won’t beg for my life. Only dogs beg. House Mirza never will. Blood must pay for blood.” – Ozan Mirza

As part of a convoluted plan to break the Fellowship conditioning, Holt Wilder set Amir Mirza and Magnus Grey on a collision course. Magnus Grey had killed Ozan Mirza when the murderer had attempted to resume illegal business dealings between Nujel’m and Britannia. Wishing revenge for this, Ozan’s son, Amir, kidnapped Cordelia Corrigan and forced Magnus to confess:

“I, Magnus Grey of the city of Britain, do confess to the murder of Ozan Mirza of Nujelm. I took this action without the knowledge or permission of my government. No subordinates past or present were involved in the crime. I acted alone. I waive all rights granted to me by the Treaty of Occlo, including the right to trial.” – Magnus Grey

Magnus’s many enemies in Britannia used this as an opportunity to attack everything he had built, disbanding the Royal Spies:

“Due to actions taken by Magnus Grey that violated our laws and treaties and given the recent failings of those under his leadership to provide for the public good, it is the decision of those assembled that the Royal Spies be disbanded. All associated with this group are expelled from the Crown’s service with all titles and honors revoked. The headquarters and holdings of the group are to be demolished. To insure our society’s devotion to morality and justice, all members of the group, past or present, will be arrested and punished as vigilantes for any action that disturb the peace of our kingdom. “ – Lord Kendal

Ignoring the Britannian Order and Decency Act, the remaining loyal spies rescued Magnus Grey from the lethality of Nujel’m justice and killed Amir Mirza before he could hurt anyone else.

“If you don’t want your friend to die by the same blade that killed his brother, back off! I can’t believe the amount of effort you went through to get him back. He is a common-born murderer!” – Amir Mirza

During the events in Nujel’m, Magnus’s mentor Holt Wilder was killed:

“Magnus Grey is a sentimental fool. For a spy at least. I knew if he was still in there somewhere, he’d go running out to save Cordelia Corrigan out of some obligation to his brother’s ghost. He did. I also know I am a sentimental fool. I wasn’t always careful during missions, and sometimes, good people paid the price. Magnus and his brother are on that list. I am sorry about that.” – Holt Wilder


Return to Service

Magnus Grey and his agents had no official positions during the chaos between crowns, and their enemies like Lord Kendal took particular glee in attacking anyone with connections to the disgraced Minister of Security. Under the cover of wine merchants, the Royal Spies still managed to stop various threats from within Britannia.

“You know for a wine company, we are out of wine!” – A Royal Spy

When Blackthorn was crowned the new king, he asked the Royal Spies to resume their duties and restored Magnus to the position of Minister of Security.

“I need your help to reunite this land.” – King Blackthorn

“We’ll think about it.” – Magnus Grey

“Don’t take too long.” – King Blackthorn