Groups of Britannia

Kinship of the Rose

 “There has to be art in Virtue, and there has to be love.”

Leader: Abbot Amoranth
Operations: Britain and wherever they are needed
Values: Charity, Artistry, and Community
Rival: Cult of the Fallen

Seers of the Moonstone

“Magic is not just about power. It is also a tool to examine the universe.”

Leader: Dr. Owl
Operations: Underworld Colony
Values: Magic, Lore, and Exploration
Rival: Cult of Runes

Library of Scars

“The world needs true warriors, so the Library of Scars trains the very best.”

Leader: Commander Syria
Operations: Jhelom and where the money is
Values: Warfare, Protection, and Leadership
Rival: Order of the Silver Serpent (Splinter Group)

Rangers’ Guild

“We protect life and spirit.”

Leader: Ranger Artemia
Operations: Wilds around Skara Brae
Values: Life, Nature, and Spirituality
Rival: Druids of the Pith