Town Recognition

Banner Proposal pictures

Lady Louisa Clark, Royal Surveyor and Cartographer
The queen is dead, but the bureaucracy lives on. It is still necessary to map new towns and decide how the government of Britannia shall interact with them. In exchange for a new office building for her department, Lady Louisa Clark has agreed to take up this task. Tragically, all the old paperwork has been lost, burnt, or fed to goats, so she’s starting anew.

Lady Louisa knows transparency is an important part of the process. She has decided to put any applications she receives on public display in her spacious new office.

All existing towns and banners are grandfathered in; however they may not be cited as precedent in new applications. Any incomplete applications are discarded.

Requirements for Recognition

    Five or More Houses – The town must have at least five houses.

    Proximity – The houses must all be in the same area. Good examples are: Guardians of ValHalla (a Malas island), GOF Valley (a mountain valley), and FCB Harbor (a stretch of road near the Britain-Vesper-Yew crossroads).

    House Signs – Each house sign should demonstrate that the owner of the house considers themselves part of the town. Most towns have the name of the town on every sign. Wolves’ Hallow has streets, so its house signs have addresses, such as, “101 Howl Ave.” and “104 Pack Run Road”.

    Activity – The town must be active. The banners are to link existing towns, not to memorialize towns of the past. A town may show that it is active in any of several ways, such as being connected with a large guild, holding regular town meetings, or hosting frequent events, such as games, hunts, or auctions.

Town Name
In keeping with the traditions of other worlds, a town may only use the following as part of its name if it has at least the specified number of houses:

    5-10 Village/Hamlet
    11-20 Town
    21-30 City
    31+ Kingdom/Empire/City-State

Other words can be used; Great Lakes has a harbor, a headquarters, and a club. The name of the town must not be confusing, e.g. you cannot name your town Britain. The name of the town cannot include the word “guild”. While connection with a large guild can be evidence of activity, the banner recognizes the town, not the guild.

How to Petition for Recognition
In our mailbox, leave a bag containing a book with the application and house runes (rune marked while standing inside a house) to every house that is part of the town.

A petition for township recognition must follow the most recent rules. The application in the book must include:

    1. Town name
    2. When it was founded
    3. Allegiance (with the Crown, against the Crown, or neutral)
    4. Number of houses
    5. Describe the ways in which the town is active.

Lady Louisa will put the petition on public display in a bookshelf at the Royal Surveyor’s building, which is on the east side of Britain at 4° 13’S, 21° 47’E. All citizens are encouraged to read it. After Lady Louisa Clark has had a chance to survey the town, her response will be locked down next to the application.

All communications related to a town’s petition must be submitted in book form, which will be available to the public. The only exception is the proposed banner picture, which a town may email if and when the petition for township recognition has been approved.

Banner Proposals
If Lady Louisa approves a town’s application, a town leader may then email a picture of the proposed banner and leave runes to at least three proposed locations in the Counselor Hall mailbox. The picture will be posted.

InsideUO can be used to find the correct ID numbers of the components for the proposed banner. It will also help you to construct a picture of the banner. Also, here is a page with more information on banners, including an exploded view of a banner’s design;. Please be sure to state what hues various items should be dyed. If default colors are preferred, specifically state somewhere on the picture that all items are to be left undyed.

We reserve the right to make changes to your design and its location. Changes made in the construction of another banner cannot be used as precedent in a new banner proposal, (e.g. if during the construction of Banner A, Mesanna determines that it would be more aesthetically pleasing to make that particular banner 8×8, that cannot be cited by Town B when submitting their banner proposal).

The banner must meet the following structural requirements.

    The banner must not block house placement.
    The banner may not be larger than 6×6 if it blocks movement.
    The banner may be a bit larger if it doesn’t block movement, such as Rolling Hills.
    The banner may be a dock.
    Live animals cannot be used for a banner. Request a statuette instead. See examples at Empire of the Dragon, GOF Valley, or Chicken Fight Club.
    The banner shall not include the word “guild”.
    The banner shall not mention any player’s name.
    The banner shall not resemble a building.
    The banner cannot touch a road.

As Royal Surveyor, Lady Louisa Clark reserves the right to add any new structural requirements she deems necessary in future.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. May we apply by email?
A. No, all communications regarding banners must be pasted in books and left in the mailbox. All such books will be put on public display. The only exception is that a newly recognized township should email its proposed banner picture.

Q. Is township recognition granted for towns in Felucca?
A. Yes, it can be granted to a town on any facet.

Q. Can I have a banner recognizing my main character?
A. No, town recognition and banners are for towns.

Q. Will you create our town’s banner proposal picture?
A. No, it is a time-consuming process and it is one that should be done by the leaders and residents of the town so that the banner will truly reflect the spirit of the town itself. However, here are step-by-step instructions on how to create the picture. It’s not the only way, but it may be helpful to you.

Q. One of the house runes gives the message that the location is blocked. What should we turn in for that house?
A. If a house is private, or sometimes if it’s improperly placed, the house rune won’t work. Instead, please mark a rune in front of the house.

2010 Town Recognition and Banner Rules (these former rules are no longer valid)