At least two weeks before your wedding, please email the EM you’d like to perform the ceremony. In your initial email, please include:

1. Couple’s names
2. Requested Date

Other necessary information, which can be included in the initial email or decided on up until a few days before the wedding:

3. Location
4. Vows
5. Ring metal (gold or silver/platinum)
6. Ring inscriptions
7. Wedding colors and theme if any

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can the wedding be held?
The wedding can be on any facet, in any location you both are able to get to. You are responsible for the safety of your guests.

Will you decorate for the wedding?
If a wedding is not in a player house, we can decorate the site. We usually use lanterns, candles, and/or flower petals. If the couple provides flowers, we’ll lock those down in the location and return them after the wedding.

How long can the ring inscription be?
Approximately seventy-seven characters, including punctuation and spaces.

What vows can we use?
You can write or choose your own vows, or use the Britannian vows we have.