There are two ways to create a memorial for a player who has passed away.

Private Memorial

The Primeval Lich Champion gives six different styles of headstones. These can be engraved with the statuette engraving tool, which is available from NPC tinkers. You can then lock them down in your house for a private memorial.

Public Memorial

You may request that an EM place a memorial in a public place. Please email either of us with the information below. We will work with you to create a fitting memorial. Please keep in mind that the EM must send the memorial request to Mesanna for final approval before placing the headstone.

Please include:

  1. The name of the player who has passed away.
  2. Requested date for placement of the memorial.
  3. Preferred Location. It must not block housing, cannot be in an NPC town, and should be near the house of a friend or guildmate.
  4. The text you’d like engraved on the memorial. The memorial may have up to five lines of text, each approximately seventy-seven characters long, including punctuation and spaces.
  5. We can lock down flowers and plants by the headstone. Any other decoration will be subject to approval.
  6. The headstone you’d like. Please choose from the picture below and specify whether you’d like it to face East (as pictured) or South.
  7. Whether you would like the headstone in its natural hue or shaded an appropriate color.

Memorials, East-facing, numbered