Royal Spies of Britannia

Royal Spies logo, designed by Lady Martyna Z'muir

Master spies are recognized for three things: reliability, achievements, and knowledge. Most of a spy’s experience is gained in the field.

Spy Ranks

Your spy rank reflects your level of experience. You achieve your first rank, Snitch, after three missions. Your training reaches new levels with the missions thereafter. Each rank is more difficult to achieve than the one before it.

At the end of a mission, please remember to check the attendance book at the back of the Royal Spy Secret Headquarters. If you do not see your name, leave a note on the message board in the small house by the Counselor Hall or drop a note in the mailbox.

Spy Ranks, in ascending order, are:

Snitch – You listen to rumors in a tavern. Occasionally, a real spy throws you a few coins for your info.
Watcher – You watch the buildings we tell you to and report back. You do not engage.
Consultant – Get your reports in on time. We may trust you with more someday.
Runner – You are responsible for moving important messages between cities. Sealed messages.
Scout – You are the advance eyes of the team. Try not to get yourself killed.
Investigator – Congratulations, you’re a real spy now. You’re finally fully accepted into the organization you’ve been risking your life for.
Operative – You are getting some attention. Not all of it good.
Agent – If people knew what you did, they’d be in awe. And you’d be dead.
Fixer – You are building your own spy network and get more responsibilities. But not more pay.
Ghost – You do not exist. We have never heard of you. According to our records, you died ten years ago. Peacefully. In your own bed.
Order of the Shadow Serpent – A rumored secret society said to include the masterminds of the intelligence world. Its origin, membership requirements, and very existence are wreathed in mystery and speculation.


There will be a handful of opportunities each year for spies to go above and beyond in their service to Britannia. Those spies will be listed on this site with the honorary post-nominal initials.

An example would be if Minister Grey stated that an enemy code had been found and asked that it be decoded. Jane Doe cracks the code and gets the information to the spymaster in time! She is now listed here as: Jane Doe, RCB. Over time, she figures out many codes and eventually receives the Exalted Code Breaker honor. She would then be in the honors list as: Jane Doe, ECB.


A good spy is always interested in improving his or her skills and knowledge. James Greene, Special Assistant to the Minister of Security, has been placed in charge of trainings. He can usually be found in the spy HQ. You can ask James what information he has on your progress in the trainings. You can also ask him what date he last updated his information.


Promotions under this system are for Tuesday attendance from January 1, 2012 onwards.

A Royal Spy Promotion ceremony will be held once or twice a year.

The Order of the Shadow Serpent overhead title is not toggleable, nor is it ever likely to become toggleable. A spy may refuse it if they like. However, if a spy refuses this title, they cannot request it again until the next advancement ceremony, six months later. Whether they accept or refuse the overhead title, the spy will be listed on this site as a member of the Order of the Shadow Serpent.

Thanks to Lady Martyna Z’muir for designing the Royal Spies logo.

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