How to Create a Banner Proposal Picture

Let's say that your town is based on roleplaying an enclave of exodus minions who've escaped from Ilshenar and are seeking the mythical ideal overseer. Years ago, after a heated town meeting, you all agreed upon the town name "Exodus Outliers' Circuit" and the town colors red and yellow (because you all love Harry Potter). Now Lady Louisa Clark, the Royal Surveyor, has approved your petition for town recognition. What to do for the banner...

Remember to save frequently and save several versions as you go along.
Click on the thumbnails to open larger versions.
Banner Construction Guidelines

Programs Needed

Paint or another graphics program.

Pasting and Building

Open Paint.
Save a copy of your blank canvas as a bitmap.
Set Paint to paste transparent. Do this by clicking on Select (or the rectangle in XP and Vista) and then clicking where you see the cursor arrow in this picture:
Pasting Transparently in Paint

Leave Paint open.
Open InsideUO.
From the panel on the left side, choose Artwork.
Pasting Transparently in Paint
Select an item for the banner.
Construction Tip: It's best to start with the foundation or floor tiles.
Construction Tip: Foundation blocks are usually grouped with front steps.
Note the Model Number of the item, you'll need that.
Right-click and choose copy.

Now go back to Paint and paste the item on the left side.
Click the A icon to go into text mode so you can write the Model Number next to the item.
Pasting Transparently in Paint
Click again on "Select" (or the rectangle) to get out of Text mode.

Now you can use your mouse to draw a rectangle around the item you'd like to use in the banner.
Press ctrl and 'c' at the same time to copy the item you've selected.
Press ctrl and 'v' at the same time to paste that copy into the image.
You can move the copy around and build your picture with it!
Pasting Transparently in Paint
Do that with all the pieces of the banner.
Be sure to save several versions as you go along! It's sometimes easier to undo by going back to a previous version.
Pasting Transparently in Paint


There will be many items for which the art is useful for the banner but not the color.
Leave Paint open and go back to InsideUO.
Pasting Transparently in Paint
Choose the Hues section from the panel on the left.
Choose the color you'd like the item to be.
In this case, since the town colors are red and yellow, let's go with yellow.

When you find that color, look at the first number, the one with the arrow under it in this picture.
Add 2 to that number.
Now write the hue number and the color in the picture for the items you'd like dyed that color.
For example, the hue in the illustration says 1172. So you'd write Hue 1174 (Blaze).
If the hue doesn't have a word written next to it, just write a descriptive word.
Pure black is"Hue 0 (black)", but shades of black usually look better.

Names and Inscriptions

Several of the items will need to be renamed as well and the banner or sign will need an inscription.
Write that in the same way as the hues, right into the picture.
Construction Tip: Write the inscriptions and hues in a notepad file. It's easier to make changes that way. Then copy all the text from notepad, click the A icon in Paint, choose a large empty area, and paste it in.
Pasting Transparently in Paint

Exploded and In Situ Pictures

We have a white-background picture. Now we should add an exploded picture or an in situ picture.
If the banner design is complicated, do an exploded picture. Here's a link to another banner's exploded picture.
Notice that rather than using InsideUO hues, they've added pictures of dye tub selections. That's fine too.
Our example banner isn't complicated, so let's do an in situ picture.
Take a picture of your town's first choice site.
Crop it so it's about this much bigger than the banner.
Pasting Transparently in Paint

Now paste this background into an empty spot.
COPY the white-background image.
Paste that COPY into the correct spot of the site.
Pasting Transparently in Paint

Viola! The banner proposal picture is done. It's not perfect, but it makes clear what the town wants.
Pasting Transparently in Paint

Save the bitmap a final time, then save a copy as a jpeg.
Email the jpeg to me.

I'll pass it along to the Royal Surveyor and also post it. Lady Louisa will write her official opinions on the banner proposal in a book in your town's bookshelf. Don't be disheartened if she doesn't approve your first picture. Make the suggested changes and keep the lines of communication open.

Town Recognition
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